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Friday, 21 December 2018

Apple patents a mysterious iPhone with a 360º screen

Technology companies like Apple are always thinking about how to innovate. They create hundreds of designs and concepts for future products, although most never get to see the light . But to cover their backs they register them as patents and, thus, prevent others from using them.

It has just discovered a new Apple patent never seen before. It is an idea that, if materialized, would change the concept of the iPhone as we know it today: an iPhone with a 360º screen .

An iPhone with a 360º screen, the latest from Apple
This week the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) published the concept of a completely redesigned iPhone. It is cylindrical and the screen is 360º, that is, it wraps around the device. It is not very clear about how it would work , but it is believed that its management would be through gestures.

Patently Apple , one of the media that has reported on this concept, points out that from the iPhone X the predominant material is glass in the front and back and sides. The company could integrate touch sensors for gesture recognition . He adds that Apple would also want to implement controls on the sides to turn the pages of a document.

Both Patently Apple and My Smart Price have delved into the details of the device, even what it would be like if it were really a product. It is likely that if it were to become real, the company would use the Czochralski process , a procedure for obtaining monocrystalline ingots.

Apple would offer the device in various forms, such as cylindrical, triangular, box-shaped or as a slightly curved screen . Unless those in Cupertino provide more details about the manufacturing process or its operation, we have no idea if it will ever reach stores.

However, considering that it would be convinced to create an iPhone with a folding screen, like the Samsung Galaxy F, this device would be just what Apple needs .

Via | iDropNews

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