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Friday, 28 December 2018

Apple prepares an iPhone with double notch for 2019

When Apple decided to bet on the notch more than a year ago, it was serious . After the launch of the iPhone X we saw how almost all Android brands continued the wake released by Apple but will they do the same next year?

According to the latest information Apple will launch an iPhone with two notch, or notches, next year . Of course, these two notch would be smaller than the current eyebrow of the iPhone XS. Each of them would include a type of technology, above we would have face ID and below Touch ID, as we have already seen in some patents .

The 2019 iPhone will have two notch

As we said before, a manual has been leaked that shows how a future iPhone, probably the iPhone XI of 2019 , will have double notch. These notches would be somewhat narrower than the current iPhone XS.

At the top we would have a faster second-generation Face ID and to complement it at the bottom we would see the Touch ID fingerprint reader again . Something that Apple has already patented and we will see how next year becomes a reality.

Although it may seem, it is not something new. In Android we have already seen a model with double notch , yes, with less technology than the iPhone that we will see in 2019 .

This new design would bring back the symmetry of the original models and will also include two biometric identification technologies: Face ID and Touch ID. Both systems can be used at different times so users will gain.

At the moment no more evidence or leaks have been found but it is possible that in the coming days we will see some filtered image that shows us more details about this iPhone with double notch.

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