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Saturday, 29 December 2018

How to use Face ID with sunglasses: the trick of the year

Although at this time of the year is not the most normal, it is possible to unlock your iPhone with Face ID while wearing sunglasses. Or, well, maybe you like to spend the Christmas holidays in Gran Canaria, or in the Sahara desert itself, why not?
Anyway, today we share a trick very easy to perform so you can unlock your mobile phone via Face ID with sunglasses , or even with a blindfold, to try ...?

Face ID came into the world as a replacement for Touch ID functionality , along with the launch of Apple 's iPhone X. They are two very safe, but completely different functions. One of them works by placing our fingerprint on a button, and the other with our face in the front camera.

How to unlock your iPhone with Face ID using sunglasses
The TrueDepth technology of the Face ID front camera is assisted by up to 30,000 infrared point scanners that map the face in three dimensions . But these scanners are not able to "see" through sunglasses. At least, through most of their lenses.
If you have had problems unlocking your device with Face ID when wearing sunglasses, this tutorial will be very helpful. Look, look, what a trick!
1. Open the Settings application.
2. Access the Face ID and code section.
3. Enter your password.
4. Look for the section "Attention".
5. Deactivate the option "Require attention for Face ID".

Disabling this feature will make Face ID less secure. For example, someone could unlock your iPhone while you are sleeping . Since this option makes Face ID check if your eyes are open.
There is a great debate in the world of technology in which it is questioned which of the two functions (Face ID and Touch ID) is the most comfortable and efficient. Actually, on some occasions Touch ID is more useful; as for example if your iPhone is on the table and your face does not reach the camera. But, in general, Face ID is more efficient despite having to make a tactile gesture on the screen. What do you think about it? We await your comments.

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