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Friday, 28 December 2018

If you want to make real money developing apps, do not start on Android

It has already been discussed in various media such as andro4all and is a reality that does not allow discussion. IOS users spend more on buying apps than Android users, downloading far fewer apps. In Google Play there are many more apps and games than in the App Store, but the design and functionality of many applications is not the same.

The App Store is a juicy showcase for developers, it is a business opportunity for those programmers, both veterans and beginners. Perhaps this last group is the one that has the two positions in the Apple store, the business opportunities soar there.
The numbers speak for themselves

164 publishers have earned their first million dollars in net income in the App Store of the United States during this year 2018. In the Google store the new millionaires during this year have been 88 , practically half. The truth is that the number of new millionaire publishers in both stores has grown since last year.

And in terms of categories that generate more revenue for new publishers is the game, being practically twice as much in Google Play as the App Store, 65 percent compared to 33. The numbers speak clearly, and you just have to see the example of Fortnite, which was launched at first in iOS and got 25 million dollars in revenue during its first month.

So if among your projects is to do business developing applications, put your eyes on the App Store and think about the possibility of developing a game that can give the bell, the rain of money can fall if you are clever and skilled enough, although it will not be a simple company.

Via | Sensor Tower

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