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Tuesday, 25 December 2018

New iPhone? These are the 10 essential tricks you should know

It has brought you an iPhone Santa Claus, you must have been very good. No doubt you have been lucky and here we are so that you adapt to it as soon as possible. There are many tricks for iPhone that you can learn , but today we bring you the 10 most interesting ones .

If you had never had an iPhone, this selection will be essential . If you update from a previous model there may be many of these tricks that you do not know. Here we go.

10 tricks for iPhone that you should know

1. Close apps
Close applications on the iPhone is very simple. If you have an iPhone X, XS or XR you just have to slide from the bottom up to the middle of the screen . On iPhone 8 and 7 you must press twice on the Home button.

Now that you have opened the multitasking you just have to swipe up the apps you want to close . Although, a tip, it is not necessary that you do it. Although it may seem otherwise you will save battery if you leave them open .

2. Move several apps at the same time
To move an application we must keep pressing on the icon until it starts to vibrate, now we can move freely. But if you use two fingers, you can pick up an app and with another finger press on more applications , so you can move them all at once.

3. Camera filters
The iPhone camera has several built-in filters, you can access by clicking on the button that appears at the top right when you are taking a picture. But what very few know is that you can also access these filters by sliding the photo you're doing up .

4. Select with the space bar
It is one of the best iOS tricks . If you press hard on the keyboard while writing a message or keep the spacebar pressed, the keyboard will become a trackpad and you can move the cursor to easily edit the text.

5. Put a. pressing the space bar twice
Another trick to write faster. If you want to put a. and then, you just have to press the space bar twice . Your iPhone will place a point and a space for you to continue writing.

6. Make a list in Notes
The iOS notes app has a lot of potential, one of its star functions is the possibility of making lists. Lara it we open a new note and press the icon with a circle and a tick that is on the keyboard.

7. Click on the icons
For years the iPhone includes a feature called 3D Touch, thanks to it we can access new menus by pressing hard on the screen . If you do it above an icon of an application you will get shortcuts to that app.

8. Press hard to erase all notifications
An option to erase all notifications at once is by pressing hard on the "x" that appears in the notification center , which you will reach by sliding the screen from above.

9. Shake your iPhone to undo
Another of the most unknown functions. If you have just deleted a word, or deleted an email or deleted a photo, nothing happens. You just have to shake your iPhone to undo what happened. Simple and effective

10. Select several photos
And to finish a trick to select several photos that you have in the gallery in case you want to share or delete them. We just have to enter the Photos app and select an Album, the top right click on select and now slide your finger on all the photos you want to select .

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