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Tuesday, 25 December 2018

So I went from Windows to MacOs: my experience

Although I am an iPhone user since 2008, my move to a Mac computer is more recent, except for the first experiences in college, when in the late 90's I used the iMac G3 colors . Since then I had continued to use Windows, a system that I considered, and I consider stable.

I am of the opinion to think that the company of Gates was able to put the computer science at the reach of anyone. However, after many years using iPhone and iPad, it was difficult for me to sit down and write on my Windows laptop. There came a time when I had to make the change, my old team did not give more than itself. Neither the replacement of the hard disk by one in solid state, or SSD, was able to solve much.

The first steps
After weighing several options, I ended up dividing by a MacBook Pro. I was logically away from the price, since it practically doubled the price of my previous laptop that had given me such a good result. Afraid of the change, he did not have too much, "it's just a matter of getting used to it, " I thought.

Once I took it out of the box, the configuration seemed extremely simple, put my Apple ID and start walking , yes, after installing the latest update. After so many years in Windows I missed the famous windows, and I realized that it is the Finder who commands here.

I expected, and I was afraid, that the applications were not as well-stocked with Windows, but nevertheless I realized that my fears were unfounded. There are applications of all kinds, even Office is shown as I was used to. And the installation of any app is so simple that it blushes. The macOS is far from what I knew in the 90s at the university.

That changes?
At first glance, some commands and little else, but the real change occurs in your head. It is simply changing the chip and seeing that the work flows smoothly. See that anything you have on the iPad or iPhone is also there is something that is priceless. Yes, we talk about the Apple ecosystem, so often cited in these pages. If you have iPhone and iPad and you are weighing the jump to Mac, it is something that you must seriously consider. And it is something curious, because it is not so much what you tend to get used to, relatively little, but the changes that occur a posteriori. Everything is more simple and intuitive. I mention the case of uninstalling an app.

I quickly became accustomed to this new way of working, and any questions could be solved quickly by Google search. At this time, I would not change anything to go back to Windows. And I repeat again, I do not consider this system to be bad at all , I have simply seen that there are much better things for my interests, and I do not mind paying a little more for that. The speed, stability, and way to make a screenshot so easy, to give an example, make Mac a perfect ally.

Pay more if I can do the same for less?
It is obvious that the work can be done in either system with identical results, however it is not the result, but the time invested in the process. As soon as you are able to memorize some simple commands, everything goes smoothly. I use the screenshot every day, whether to illustrate an article or whatever. I remember that in Windows I ended up dying in Paint, and here I do not have to worry about much. I save enough time in it, and that is priceless. Answer the question in the header.

And one, who is already years old, appreciates the size, lightness and finesse of his MacBook. I go with the computer everywhere in a backpack, since I like to write anywhere. I have all the power concentrated in a computer that weighs little more than a kilo, which does not make noise or heat up. That responds remarkably to my demands and that has managed to turn the button is a motivation every day. This article is based simply on subjective experience, but perhaps it can help to decide doubtful people. It's not a guide to how to use a Mac at all. You'll need it, or not, when you have it.

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