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Saturday, 29 December 2018

Tesla hires one of Steve Jobs' best friends

Apple and Tesla have a somewhat tense relationship. It is common to see how both companies steal employees , more from Steve Jobs than from Elon Musk. However, the last signing of the manufacturer of autonomous cars would not have liked anything to the very Jobs. The one that was one of his best friends has been signed to be part of the board of Tesla.

That friend in question is Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle . When Steve Jobs was back in control of Apple in the 1990s, he sought out Ellison to join the company's board of directors. Ellison agreed and was present until the early 2000s. However, it seemed that he did not want to know what was cooking in Apple. He was hardly present during the meetings. It is something he already warned Jobs before accepting the position. In its place was a cardboard portrait of Ellison, taken from when it appeared on the cover of BusinessWeek.

Although Ellison describes himself as a close friend of Elon Musk , the truth is that his entry to Tesla has to do with part of the agreement with SEC. Musk was forced to accept new members on the board of directors after sending a tweet last August assuring that he had enough capital to privatize the company.
Why is the rivalry between Apple and Tesla?

It could be thought that the differences between Apple and Tesla are due to the fact that both companies are developing autonomous vehicle navigation systems. The Elon Musk company already sells cars with him, while Apple continues to investigate. It is the project that is internally known as Project Titan " . But there is something else.
For a long time Elon Musk has been compared as a new Steve Jobs, something that the latter does not like too much. The reason is that Musk says that Jobs, during one of his few meetings, was quite unpleasant with him . In addition, one of the latest statements by Musk is a criticism of Apple saying that "it no longer exploits the minds of people."
Via | Cult of Mac

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