The AirPods could replace the Apple Watch in the not too distant future -


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Saturday, 1 December 2018

The AirPods could replace the Apple Watch in the not too distant future

The smartwatch, and specifically the Apple Watch, is the most popular wearable on the market. But wireless headphones like AirPods are expected to replace smartwatches in the next few years with absolutely spectacular touch functions.

Why will this happen? How is it possible? It is a complicated question. But, interestingly, it has a very simple answer. Technology seeks to make life much easier for us and tends to look for solutions that require less and less effort for the user. This convenience will make the interaction with audio replace the content display.

In other words, in the future it will be much more convenient, useful and faster to obtain the data and information we need through audio on the AirPods instead of viewing content on the Apple Watch touch screen.

The AirPods will one day have the same functions as the iPhone
Things like ask Siri "Send a message to Sara", set reminders, events in the calendar, GPS navigation and even, why not, visit web pages, will be possible in the AirPods of the future. Although in the case of web browsing, it will be very different from what we know now.

So, we will move from wearables to "hearables". The future generation of AirPods will have fully advanced virtual assistants that provide their users with a wide variety of functions that are simply unimaginable today. Of course, hopefully they are not as advanced assistants as in the movie "Her" ...

Little by little, we will reach that future. And Apple already seems to have taken the first step. The AirPods 2 will have support "Oye Siri" and will have a greater resistance to water and dust. In principle, they will arrive in 2019.

Analysts estimate that by 2022 wireless headsets such as AirPods will have sales of up to 158 million units , and that the figure will be higher than the sales of smartphones. What do you think?

Via | Cult of Mac

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