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Sunday, 16 December 2018

The end of an era: Cydia, the Jailbreak store, closes?

Years ago, when iOS began to clear, began to grow a movement in the community that bet to get rid of the limitations that Apple imposed on users. They had bought a device to make the most of it, not to be at the expense of their manufacturer's wishes and updates , and they did. When the Jailbreak arose, no advanced user considered leaving his iPhone or iPod Touch untouched. And the great reason for doing so had a name of its own: Cydia.
Cydia was the great platform of alternative distribution of applications and tweaks in iOS, the main option for users who switched to the "dark side" of iOS. Here we had access to lots of free apps of all kinds to make our iPhone into the phone we dreamed of, without having to depend for a moment on what Apple allowed us to do. However, over time the jailbreak has ceased to be interesting, and with it, Cydia, who has finally fallen into disgrace ...

Well, at least in part. Cydia as a package manager will not disappear , in fact, it is still in development. However, its store, the Cydia Store, has definitely been closed, something that Saurik has confirmed through Reddit. The initial idea was to close it before the end of the year, however, a major bug has accelerated their plans, ending the store, which does not mean that Cydia as such will disappear.

@iPeterCao I have seen your article about Cydia and I want to correct some facts:

Cydia didn’t shut down.
Saurik didn’t quit.
Cydia and Substrate development didn’t stop.
Only the purchases for the BigBoss repository were disabled.
This is not a big deal.

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Of course, this does not mean that the jailbreak will disappear without further ado. Soon, the one that is called to be the substitute of Cydia Store, Sileo will be released . By then, Cydia will continue to assist users fulfilling their function as a package manager, although it will no longer be the center of all attention for the creators of the jailbreak community.
Via | Reddit

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