The hoaxes and topics about Apple that you are going to hear this Christmas -


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Sunday, 23 December 2018

The hoaxes and topics about Apple that you are going to hear this Christmas

Everything that is good, and the products of Apple are, have a tendency to generate without them wanting a series of myths, hoaxes and fake news around them. And about the company of the bitten apple there is a lot of rumor milling, growing also year by year. Virtually any new model or gadget that comes to market has its own rumor, usually unfounded.

And the transmission of these hoaxes occurs through the famous oral tradition. There are them for all tastes, so let's take a brief tour of the most famous. There are some from the very absurd to some that have ended up confirming in part. Will you accompany us to discover what they are?

The hoaxes about Apple that you are going to hear this Christmas

Apple copies what Android does
Or what is the same, that has already my Android for years. OK, very good. Apple sometimes takes to implement some things, but it is true that ** when it does is to greatly improve what already exists. * * Do you think of a case? Think because there are many.

Apple puts little RAM on their iPhone
No sir, put the correct one. The iPhone XS has 4GB when there are devices that have even double. But as we always say, "the power without control does not over anything." The RAM of any iPhone is squeezed to the brim thanks to iOS, since both hardware and software go to the millimeter and are developed and manufactured by the same entity.

Apple is very expensive
Everything depends on the concept of expensive. There are objects that are for what they offer, for example the iPhone cases. There are others that we would like to cost less, we can give any example of an iPhone. Seen as it is the market of the telephony, it may be necessary to rethink the answer to the question. How many years of service is a Mac capable of offering? Very many.

You can make a Jack connector with a drill
The iPhone 7 released something unprecedented, eliminated the classic connection of the headphones to leave only the Lightning port. Some clever vitalized a joke that got many users to leave their iPhone unused for life. No more questions, your honor.

In Apple there is no virus
I have been using their products for years and I have never been attacked, I do not consider purchasing an antivirus at all, but it is true that any malware can come in and do damage. Do we remember the recent cases? Maybe it's better to know how to protect yourself. The Telugu bug also brought queue during this year.

Apple earns a million for every device it sells
Is Apple the little sister of charity? No, it is a company that generates millions of profits and whose goal is to sell everything they can. To do this, it invests in R & D, stores, developers, employees, marketing ... If an iPhone XS has a cost higher than 1,000 euros, Apple will cost around 400 euros. What do we want? That they give it to us? Hopefully, but this data could be extrapolated to other companies.

Apple slows down the iPhone on purpose
We already talk about them here , and we repeat it again: it's not true. The advancement of technology and the development of increasingly demanding programs means that each time the equipment goes slower, but it occurs in all brands. Although this hoax can be compromised with the famous batterygate last year, do you remember? Very expensive that Apple paid for it.

An iPhone can be recharged by putting 2 minutes in the microwave
This hoax caused some other break in 2014 , although you have to be pretty short-sighted to know that if you do you will be without the iPhone and probably without a microwave. Always follow the instructions of the manufacturers to avoid getting into trouble.

Steve Jobs died for trusting in natural medicine
At first and when Jobs learned that he had pancreatic cancer, he relied on a special diet and the indications of "alternative doctors." When his state of health worsened, he regretted those nine lost months that made his illness somewhat unrecoverable. No, this fact is not a hoax and gives a good account of the strong personality of the creator of the company.

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