The Moto G7 family appears in four variants with three different screens -


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Sunday, 23 December 2018

The Moto G7 family appears in four variants with three different screens

Samsung has been changing its strategies to compete in the intermediary market with Chinese manufacturers. Motorola also seems to look for other alternatives to seduce consumers and because of the leaks that are collected in different places it seems that the new members of the Moto G7 family would seek to adapt to the different user types.

According to the renders that appeared in several places, both the MotoG7 and the Moto G7 Plus will have a notch in drop format and a camera that will occupy a centralized position.

Thanks to these renders we can see how both terminals have a larger area on the screen, with finer edges at the bottom, where the company logo is located. In the back, the lenses are placed horizontally.

The Moto G7 Power and Moto G7 Play have a camera arrangement closer to the design popularized by Apple with the iPhone X.

In the first terminal this design is more compact and in the second one it is wider, where it is possible to see also an LED next to the front camera.

At the rear, the alignment of the sensors is vertical and, although there is not a great technical difference with respect to this position, this points to a configuration difference.

All the new terminals of the Moto G7 family would have a biometric reader just behind the rear camera ... something that I personally do not like since one of the characteristics of the Moto G6 and Moto G6 Plus is that the fingerprint sensor was integrated on the Home button that we found on the front of the device. We understand that as the screen gets bigger this button will disappear ... but they could have moved the sensor to the power button ... a configuration that seems much smarter than moving it to the back of the device.

In the case of Motorola, the authenticity of the images can not be seen and Motorola does not confirm this aspect at the moment.

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