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Sunday, 2 December 2018

Thinking about changing your iPhone for Android? 7 reasons not to do it

When it is debated on which is the best intelligent mobile phone of the market the iPhone always appears. That does not mean that there are no other terminals that may have better specifications. There are smartphones with Android operating system that are very interesting and with features that we probably never see in Apple. Functions that make us silver to make the jump to the green android .

If you have also thought about setting aside your iPhone for a Samsung or Huawei with Android, we give you 7 reasons not to do so .

1. iPhones are faster
The comparisons of the iPhone with other smartphones are countless, and in all the same conclusion appears: the one of the apple is faster than the rest . The combination of hardware and software make it one of the most balanced devices that exists. The A12 Bionic chip has proven to be a real beast in the benchmarks , becoming comparable with PC processors.

To try to draw attention, competing Android smartphones mount many GBs of RAM or processors of vertigo that, on paper, looks very good. But the reality is that none of it reaches him in terms of speed .

2. For Apple, privacy is very important
Android is an operating system developed by Google, the most famous Internet search engine in the world. Although they never admit it openly, they are interested in user data to improve the rest of their services and, why not, market them to third parties.

Apple, for its part, is not interested in user data . In fact, it is one of the main pillars of the company. It takes very seriously that the user is the only one able to access all their data. You just have to remember how reluctant it is to unlock the iPhone involved in scandals or crimes.

3. The Apple ecosystem

It is very common for a person to have an iPhone or MacBook and, little by little, end up making the rest of the products of the brand. This is thanks to the ecosystem that Apple has managed to assemble, in which the devices communicate perfectly.

The reason for this perfect communication is due to characteristics such as AirDrop, Handoff or Continuity . The first allows sharing files, the second to continue with tasks already started on other devices and the last to, for example, answer calls from the Mac.

Finding such a degree of compatibility in other operating systems is very complicated . Only Microsoft with Windows Phone and Windows 10 could have achieved something like that. Unfortunately, the computer giant discontinued the development of the system for smartphones.

4. More updates
One of the strengths of Apple is its more than correct policy of updates . The Mac, iPhone and iPad are devices that receive many updates throughout their lives. An example of this is the iPhone 5s, which despite being launched in 2013 continues to receive them, being compatible with iOS 12. Who can say that 5 years later?

Android sins a lot in this regard . The only smartphones that usually receive more than two years of updates are the Google Pixel. If you want to have the latest version in a relatively old terminal, you should root it and put a ROM developed by the user community. Not everyone has the necessary knowledge for this.

5. Best apps
Both in the App Store and Google Play there are millions of applications. However, there is no doubt that in the Apple store they are of better quality . This is due to the strict quality and safety controls that must pass before being published.

In addition, most important apps continue to appear earlier in the iOS App Store than in the Android Google Play, although the search engine system has more followers.

6. iPhones are more secure

One of the biggest criticisms of iOS can also be a plus point. The operating system of the iPhone and iPad is very closed. This prevents the user from being able to customize it to the Android grade. But it is thanks to this that it is safer .

Apart from the tools to perform Jailbreak, which are specifically designed for this, it is almost impossible to break the iPhone encryption .

7. The best service, both before and after the sale
Whatever the problem you have with your apple product, taking it to the Apple Store is always the best decision . The staff that works there is the one to give the best answer.

Other brands such as Samsung or LG do not have physical stores (or are not so common). And although Google does a little better, it does not reach the level of its competitor.

Via | iDropNews

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