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Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Tumblr will no longer allow adult content

Tumblr social network allows users to create a blog and share any type of content in it. Well, almost any kind of content . The platform has announced that from December 17 will eliminate everything related to pornography. With pornography it refers to explicit sexual content and nudity with very few exceptions.

Tumblr will eliminate one of its pillars: porn

Many users, mainly artists, use Tumblr as a means to expose their work to the rest of the world. That is why what is most often seen in the social network are illustrations and photographs. But there is another content almost more popular than the previous one: pornography .

Finding porn on Tumblr was very simple. With entering the word in the search engine appeared thousands of results in a second. However, this will change on December 17 , day in which all the content raised will be banned.

A few weeks ago the Tumblr app disappeared from the App Store. It was alleged that it was being updated to solve several problems but the truth goes further. It was discovered that there were communities that shared child pornography .

All content that can be banned / banned includes photographs, videos, GIF images of human-female genitals, breasts and people having sex. Even illustrations. The only thing that seems to happen the new guides of Tumblr is erotic literature.

What will happen on December 17 on Tumblr
When it arrives on December 17, any type of previously mentioned content will be tagged and eliminated by algorithms. For users to be prepared, Tumblr is sending emails to users who have posted images or videos of this type. They will become private, so that nobody can share or rebell them.

However, users have an opportunity to appeal if they believe that the social network has eliminated something that should not . On the platform they are aware that mistakes are sometimes made using automated tools. The owners of profiles that are mainly dedicated to uploading pornography will have the opportunity to export all the content to keep it safe.

In fact, the Tumblr bot has already begun to mess with some publications that have nothing sexual.

When Yahoo! was made with Tumblr assured that it would remain as free as it always had been. But as usual, everything that touches the Internet search engine ruins it. Without pornography, one of the fundamental pillars of Tumblr, many users no longer have reason to access .

Via | The Verge

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