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Saturday, 8 December 2018

Turn your Apple Watch into an original GameBoy with this support

The Apple Watch is a device that, unfortunately, does not have much autonomy. Most users must upload it every night; With luck, every day and a half. There are several supports specially designed for Apple wearable, but none of them are like those of Elago .

Elago is a company that already surprised last year with its "W3" support, which turned the Apple Watch into an original Macintosh . It turned out to be one of the most popular and striking accessories for the Cupertino smartwatch. Trying to repeat their success, they have created another support. On this occasion, it does not emulate any Apple team, but the original GameBoy .

The new support that turns your Apple Watch into an original GameBoy
Elago's new support, called "W5", is compatible with all Apple Watch models . Also, when leaving the device horizontal, night mode is activated. It includes all the necessary holes for, for example, placing the inductive charger (which is not included).

It is made of silicone that does not scratch , so it is perfect to protect our device while it is charging. It is available in four different colors that, according to the Elago website, are the following: red, indigo, black and light gray. At the moment, only black and light gray are available. It is expected that the company will sell the remaining colors in the coming weeks.

The accessory can be purchased on the Elago website or on Amazon itself (beware of shipping costs).

There is also a support for iPhone
Elago not only manufactures stands for the Apple Watch, but also has one for the iPhone. The "M4" converts the Apple smartphone into the original Macintosh . It is compatible with iPhone 6, 6s or 7, and can also be purchased on their website.

Via | MacRumors

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