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Sunday, 23 December 2018

What have been the most important iOS versions of the story?

Let's take a brief look at the history of one of the most important operating systems in Apple's history. We speak of iOS, initially called iPhoneOS, which is the engine of the most important device that Apple has in the market: the iPhone .

Precisely for being the most important device for Apple, it is interesting to analyze what have been the most important iOS versions throughout all these years. iOS is going to meet soon 12 years and these have been the best versions that Apple has released.

These are the most important iOS versions of the story
Of all the versions that Apple has released iOS, 12 specifically, we have chosen these 6 that introduced some fundamental aspects.

iPhoneOS 1: iOS 1
The first operating system of the iPhone could not be missing in this list. Undoubtedly what everyone witnessed in that presentation of the iPhone was the demonstration that the systems we were using in our phones were a toy next to iPhoneOS.

Nothing else to do Steve Jobs the first demonstration, all the "smartphones" of the time were obsolete . Some of the great improvements that came with iOS 1 were:

Slide to unlock.
Scroll when moving through a list.
Multitoch technology
Pinch to zoom in a photo.
A complete internet explorer like Safari.
Google Maps integrated.

iPhone OS 2: iOS 2
The next iPhoneOS update did not introduce major design changes, however it was a before and after in the history of the iPhone. Apple created the App Store, a place where developers could create any type of app and users can download them.

The iPhone had incredible potential that with third-party applications was unrivaled . These are some of the improvements of iOS 2:

The App Store arrives.
Push notifications in email.
GPS on maps.

iOS 4
The successor of iPhoneOS 3 stopped being called like that to adopt the name that we all know. The arrival of the iPad was final for this name change to take place. But this is not the only reason why we have chosen it as one of the most important versions.

With iOS 4 Apple settled in the market along with a device, the iPhone 4, which became a resounding success of sales , due in part to the end of the exclusivity of sale with certain companies throughout the world.

But iOS 4 was important for many reasons :

Multitasking arrives.
FaceTime appears for the first time.
Possibility of creating folders.
The maximum installed apps goes from 180 to 2,160.

iOS 5
In the saddest presentation in history, Steve Jobs would die a few days later, Apple introduced the iPhone 4s along with iOS 5. This new version consolidated the already good system that was iOS 4 and added something that has become a Apple symbol: Siri .

The voice assistant came to the iPhone, but only for the new model, along with a large number of interesting developments that represent a considerable improvement:

Siri arrives.
The Notification Center appears.
Apple launches new apps like iMessage and Reminders.
Apple presents iCloud, its service in the cloud.
OTA updates, that is without having to connect the device to iTunes.

iOS 7
They had to pass some versions so we could see the biggest change that iOS has suffered since its inception . iOS 7 was an ante and an after in the design lines of Apple leaving behind the skeumorfismo of Scott Forestall, who was replaced by Jonathan Ive chief designer.

The system was now based on transparencies, spot colors and a finer font . The redesign was total and the simplicity, clarity, efficiency and simplicity were the keys of the new design.

But not only was it a nice design, iOS 7 also came with great news :

Almost all apps are renewed, especially Photos.
The Control Center arrives.
Apple introduces features such as AirDrop and CarPlay.
Redesign of multitasking.

iOS 11
Although iOS 11 was a step back in terms of performance in old devices, came with many important developments . iOS 12 has been responsible for improving the failures of iOS 11 and has improved performance on older devices, but the news has been scarce.

With iOS 11 Apple began to take seriously the iPad for the first time and also introduced a new way of use with the iPhone X. These were his most interesting news:

News on the iPad: a dock to access from any app, new multitasking and more options when using several apps at the same time.
Gestures to control the iPhone X.
At last the native recording of the screen arrives.
The Files app appears.
Complete redesign of the App Store.
The control center is now customizable.
Drag and drop between apps.

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