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Thursday, 10 January 2019

A report assures that Apple will cut 10% the production of the iPhone

We have several weeks of the situation in which Apple is. Although they do not run more risks than any other listed company, they are showing that just as you can be the first on the list of companies by capitalization, you can stop being in just a few days. This did nothing but demonstrate the great concern of investors for the state of the company , which for the first time in years has had to lower their expectations.

However, the measures taken by Apple do not seem to have been limited to a statement by Tim Cook. Those of Cupertino have set out to share with the world the solution to the problem they face, their services division. In the coming years, this division will have more weight than ever in the company's income , and with some luck will rebalance the balance. For now, they may have had to reduce the production of their phones to avoid further damage.

According to the Japanese newspaper Nikkei, the company would have ordered its assemblers to reduce the production of all iPhone models , both current and those of other generations, by 10%. This measure would apply to the first quarter of 2019, so it does not have to repeat the rest of the year. In addition, it should not affect customers who are thinking of buying a new iPhone, since it is assumed that this decision would have been taken by a possible excess of stock.

Despite this report, which comes from an anonymous source of the newspaper, Apple is still defending the numbers of its new terminals. In a televised interview with Tim Cook , the CEO of the company said that the iPhone XR has been the best-selling iPhone since the same day it was offered for sale, and that labeling it as a failure is an error.

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