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Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Apple does not go back: Chinese consumers continue to lose interest

Apple has been a few months of bad luck that Tim Cook is willing to forget as soon as possible. In China and Germany has banned the sale of several iPhone models because of the conflict with Qualcomm. In addition, after the stock market crash of more than 10%, the company is losing investor confidence .

Anyway, we are talking about Apple. A firm that has been on the verge of disappearance until Steve Jobs returned to save it. It is very likely that it will recover again and that this is not another stone in the road. But it will not be easy. Chinese consumers are increasingly less interested in the company .

China is a very important market for Apple. In the country live more than 1.300 million people who can be potential customers. The smartphones and tablets of the Cupertino had always been well valued in the Asian region, occupying the second position. However, this has changed.

Analysts at Bank of America believe that Apple may be suffering from a kind of small-scale boycott in China at the hands of consumers . So says Bloomberg, who says that the interest in renewing the iPhone is waning while the interest is directed to other brands such as Samsung or Huawei.

In the graphic provided and elaborated by IDC we can see that Apple has always had a great impact in China. At least until June 2018, at which time Huawei surpasses it in millions of units sold . This third position could quickly become the fourth if you do not do something to remedy it, since Xiaomi is getting the batteries.

But not only in China is having problems. In India, a similar situation is occurring . Indian consumers have little interest in the iPhone, preferring other brands. In part, because the price of Apple's smartphone is too high for the country's wages, and few people can afford it.

Via | 9to5Mac

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