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Everything that Apple should improve in 2019

Apple is in a dilemma: either keep betting on what has been working throughout its history, or after seeing the ears of the wolf at the end of 2018, take a new momentum and give a helm to everything that is doing Many are those who think that Apps can be the new Nokia, which at the time nobody thought that could fall.

Taking as starting point the beginning of this year, we have analyzed everything that Apple may have to undertake to get back on track. Ok, he has not got off his pedestal and is the most valuable company in the world. But it is also true that there is a sense of disbanding of many users. What will be what you should correct in 2019?

This is all that Apple should improve this year

Price and consumer policy
The prices of the iPhone, and in general of its products, are always the subject of debate. We may or may not think that an iPhone or a Macbook is expensive, but what is certain is that Apple sells objects at an exorbitant price with a rather low quality. Who will buy an original Apple charging cable at its price? Probably nobody, it is not acceptable to pay such amount for a cable that ends up breaking or breaking in the same place. The offer of well-made cables that we can find in online stores is enormous, and above all, economic.

Or let's talk about iCloud. It is a shame that Apple continues to give 5 GB free to its users , who on the other hand have left hundreds of euros in a device. The minimum that could be demanded from Cupertino is that if you buy an iPad of 128 GB, you have that amount for free. Ok, the 50 GB only costs 99 cents a month, but it is still a real nonsense. Or not to mention the case of the battery replacement policy at 29 euros. Seriously? A company of this caliber should have faced those repairs at no cost to the customer.

Make "the iPhone"
From 2014 to 2017 the iPhone had the same design with the exception of the new iPhone X. It is too much time stretching the same chewing gum, a design that only has evolutions in the interior: new processors, updated cameras ..., but little else. And every year is the same, "Apple has done it again" or "The best iPhone ever." No, it's something that does not hold up any longer. The iPhone is a great phone, but the competition pushes very hard and you should not and can not rest on your laurels. It is not acceptable that the 2018 star phone is the same, yes, the same as the 2017 phone with some minor improvements. And that's why, the consumer must pay a real barbarity, more than 1600 euros for the top of the range.

Californians may have to sit at the table and face making an iPhone in conditions, where the battery that is capable of holding more than a day is not a chimera. Where there are things that are special and leave the rest of manufacturers with their mouths open, an iPhone that will fall in love with customers and where there is no more smoke. Will not Apple be able to do it? Probably yes.

Take a risk
It is true that Apple has often left us with our mouths open: the most special moment was on January 19, 2007 with the presentation of the first iPhone. How many more moments of that draft have existed? Difficult to quantify. The AirPods? The iPad Pro? Perhaps the closest thing was the new Apple Watch Series 4 . Magic, in Cupertino it is necessary to return to captivate the clients , it can not be that whatever is done is magical.

Bet hard
When Apple does something right, it does it like nobody else. For example, its privacy policy is so far removed from that of Facebook or Google, its recycling strategy or customer service. They are valuable bets, and that is where they must continue working hard, marking that differentiating fact that makes consumers feel that they are in tune with a company of value. Draw a line and make it the difference between one way of doing things and another. Apple has shown that it can, another thing is to let 2019 pass in vain. He goes enough on it and can not afford it.

What are in your opinion the points in which Apple must take a radical turn?

Via | Fast Company

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