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Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Facebook pays teenagers to use their VPN on iPhone

Facebook, possibly, is one of the least transparent companies in the world. For many years he has been questioned about how secure the data and private information of the users were. However, it was not until spring of 2018 when all the crap splashed on him with the Cambridge Analytica scandal . More than 50 million profiles of Mark Zuckerberg's social network were compiled to create psychological profiles that would help in the political campaigns of the United States.

But Facebook remains interested in knowing everything that people do on the Internet all for money. He sold the private messages of the users to 150 different companies. Facebook's Onavo Protect app was removed from the App Store for spying on all aspects of the smartphones it was installed on. The company advertises it in app stores as a free VPN service, although in reality it also contains a spyware to control the activity of users .

However, the social network has discovered a way to circumvent iOS security measures so that users can install the VPN. In addition, it pays adolescents and young people a monthly fee for users to keep it installed on their smartphones.

20 dollars a month for selling your privacy to Facebook

Facebook was paying users between 13 to 35 years around 20 dollars a month since 2016. In case selling everything you do on your mobile is not enough, the social network also asked for screenshots of your shopping history in Amazon

Due to the research carried out by TechCrunch , the social network has confirmed that it will deactivate the app for iPhone devices , although the Android version will remain in operation.

Facebook is touched, almost sunk. If it is still afloat it is because it has more services like WhatsApp and Instagram that are mass phenomena. But his plan of unification could take everything to ruin .

What is a VPN?
A VPN is a private virtual network that adds an extra degree of protection and privacy when we surf the Internet . They allow us to falsify our IP address to make us believe that we are in other parts of the world and access services not available in our country.

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