Filtering images of an iPhone XI prototype and you're going to like it -


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Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Filtering images of an iPhone XI prototype and you're going to like it

We are in mid-January, the first month of the year. We are still trying to analyze the sales of the latest generation of the iPhone, which began arriving in stores a little over three months ago, although there is not much to analyze after seeing that not even Apple's forecasts are being fulfilled . Despite all this, we are already finding what could be leaks of the next models that the company will launch this year.

After the launch of the new iPhone has not gone as expected, Apple has to prepare to launch a major offensive with its next generation. Especially in a year in which new formats will appear thanks to flexible screens , which will begin to reach consumers in the coming months. Therefore, the company would already be trying to decide which is the best prototype for which to opt, and honestly, we would not be disappointed that it was the one we showed you today.

In the image that has been shared by @OnLeaks you can see a phone created with much more care than another design we could see in the past. Again we find three lenses in the camera, but this time it has been centered and placed in a horizontal row. In addition, the central lens shares the space with a ring-shaped flash in a much more attractive position than in past renders.

In addition to the changes in the design of the rear camera, you can also see the integration of the improvements in the TrueDepth sensor, which would be significantly reduced in size. The only drawback of this prototype is that it does not give the impression of being enough to convince users to renew their phone . It is also true that we can only see a small fragment and only the external design, with which it is too early to judge. Hopefully they will surprise us in a few months.

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