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Sunday, 6 January 2019

The latest scam: a call from the Apple Technical Support Center

When using computers and smartphones you have to be careful. There are many different types of threats that can endanger our privacy. The most dangerous try to get personal information from users , especially bank data. More than a good antivirus, what you have to have is a good attitude on the Internet. Do not visit suspicious websites or commit imprudence. Although there are times when deceptions are very difficult to distinguish.

Some that virtually all of us have ever received come in the form of an email. Facebook or Twitter messages that tell us that we must log in through a specific link to regulate a strange situation. If you log in, our email and password are captured. You can easily know that this is a scam by looking at the email address. However, with phone calls it is a bit more complicated .

Brian Krebs, a computer researcher, has reported a new time by telephone. It is an incoming call that is passed through the Apple technical support center in a very successful way. The content of the phone call is that the Apple ID is in a compromised situation due to a possible identity theft or similar.

The victim was asked to call the number 1-866, and when he reviewed the contact that he had called was very similar to Apple. The number was listed as 1 (800) MYAPPLE , with the name Apple Inc., and the Apple Infinite Loop website.

Apparently, the fraudster managed to simulate the phone number of Cupertino and the iPhone was unable to distinguish it from the real one. The result was a supposed direct call from Apple technical support, although it was really a lie.

It was not an isolated event. Social networks are being filled with similar experiences, including that of Fantastical developer Michael Simmons.

Via | MacRumors

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