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Sunday, 6 January 2019

The reasons why you should use a VPN on your iPhone or iPad

Security is not a game, and in a more hyperconnected society. Many are the crimes that are committed by means of electronic devices and that have an internet place. Today we are going to talk about the importance of using a VPN application on your iPhone or iPad , especially if you have a user profile in continuous connection.

And as you may have never heard of what a VPN is and what it is for, we have developed this article that has didactic character, we will try to convince you to use a VPN and we will leave some recommendations of apps that you can come well.

VPN: What it is and what it is for
The acronym VPN comes from Virtual Private Network or Virtual Private Network , and is nothing more than a kind of local network where the different devices that connect do it through the Internet, and not physically. That is, from your iPhone you can connect to a virtual server that is based in Singapore, for example. The connection. through a VPN allows, in addition to an extra encryption, that says connection go from your device. your data provider and from there to the VPN server. Therefore, your IP address is no longer what your provider gives you, but that of the VPN server.

If we answer the question of what it is for, we have it very simple, among other things, to "relocate" our connection, in addition to making it safer. Do you want to know something more?

For these reasons you should use a VPN app
If you like to connect to public networks
Either in the network of a shopping center, airport or store. Normally this type of networks will be captured on our iPhone as "non-secure networks", and whenever I use them, I automatically connect my VPN app. This type of networks can be a great site for certain cybercriminals to fish data packages, either from your social networks or from your bank.

Use in other countries
Of all it is known that the Chinese government has restricted access to its citizens to more than 3,000 web pages, including Facebook. If you go to that country and do not use a VPN, you will not be able to access that social network. Thanks to the VPN, you can relocate the connection , in such a way that you are no longer connected to a Chinese server, but to any other server. Perhaps Chinese citizens are the world's leading specialists in the use of VPN apps.

Source: elcomsoft blog
Anonymous use of networks
Thanks to the use of a VPN, doing any action on the internet becomes anonymous . Yes, for your data provider, not for your VPN server, so you should trust an app that is serious and safe enough. In other words, if your mobile internet server is Orange, it will not know what you do or the pages you visit.

Safer shopping
We know that we must always trust secure websites, those that use the https protocol, the lock protocol. ** The VPN encrypts better the data that comes from your device. **

The VPN apps
In the App Store you can find many applications that offer connect your iPhone or iPad through a VPN. There are quite a few that are not worth it, because although they are free, they then need to go through cash to obtain more advanced services. Of all the ones we have tried, the most recommended one is Windscribe VPN.

The great advantage of Windscribe VPN is that its download is free, and only by registering you get 10 GB of monthly traffic in VPN. Be careful, do not get confused and think that it is 10 GB more to surf the internet apart from those that you have contracted with your provider. This means that you can surf anonymously and safely in traffic equivalent to 10 GB, which we already tell you that you probably do not spend in a month. After 30 days, these 10 GB are restarted and you will enjoy 10 GB more.

As a recommendation, and since it is free and trustworthy, we recommend that you always trust a VPN. In my particular case, I have it permanently connected, I enjoy an extra layer of security and I do not notice it in the speed of the connection . I can connect and disconnect it whenever I want and choose the server of the country that I choose, although I have it configured to connect automatically to the fastest, there are 50 locations to choose from.

 Windscribe VPN
Windscribe VPN

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