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Sunday, 6 January 2019

They filter a video of Xiaomi's folding smartphone, and it's a pass

The next step in the evolution of smartphones are folding screens. Some manufacturers are already experimenting with their own prototypes. It is expected that the Samsung, the Galaxy X, is one of the first to be sold at a price of 1,800 euros . There is also another device, the FlexPai , which has already been shown to the public in Beijing. Even Apple has patented a folding and flexible iPhone.

But these are not the only ones. The Asian giant Xiaomi seems to be also interested in folding smartphones. In fact, you already have one that has not yet been presented. The existence of this terminal is known thanks to Evan Blass, a known filtering. He published a video of the product in his personal Twitter account .

As soon as you start the clip you will see a large screen and the use of the Google Maps application. Then, the user begins to fold the sides until only the central part remains . The interface of the device is adapted as it is folded to be that of a smartphone instead of a tablet.

 Embedded video

Evan Blass

 Can't speak to the authenticity of this video or device, but it's allegedly made by Xiaomi, I'm told. Hot new phone, or gadget porn deepfake?

10:26 PM - Jan 3, 2019
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Although Blass published the video, he assures that he can not verify the authenticity of it . It could well be a montage (yes, very well done). The rumors that Xiaomi has been working on a folding cell phone are not new. The first began to appear in 2016, when another video appeared with one of its supposed folding screens.

2019, the year of folding smartphones?
In addition to the aforementioned manufacturers, there are others who are also working on their own versions. For example, Lenovo reported in 2016 that they were developing a folding mobile. And Huawei is expected to release one this year 2019 .

Although it is very likely that we see some equipment with these characteristics this year 2019, it will not be normal. Surely in 2020 when there are more devices of this type . However, it seems that the current goal of companies is to reduce the edges and holes in the screen as much as possible .

Via | The Verge

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