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Sunday, 27 January 2019

WhatsApp Web activates the PiP function for YouTube videos

WhatsApp continues to be the king of instant messaging applications. Since he arrived 10 years ago nobody has been able to snatch his throne. However, he knows that he can not be trusted and that is why he adds new features and improvements with each update .

Although it is still a service designed for smartphones, its developers launched a client for computers. The user has to scan a QR code to synchronize both devices and the mobile always has to be on and with an Internet connection to work.

This version of WhatsApp is not updated as much as the one of iOS and Android , but from time to time there is something new. In version 0.3.2041 the support of PiP (Picture in Picture) has been activated for videos coming from platforms such as YouTube.

The PiP function has been available since version 0.3.1846, although it was only compatible with videos uploaded by the user and not published on social networks. With the new update, the WhatsApp Web client can play YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Streamable.

PiP does not work on WhatsApp Web, what can I do?

If you still do not have active the function in the web client, it is because you are using an old version. According to WAbetaInfo you can force the update by clearing the browser cache and restarting it , then it should work without problems.

For a PiP preview link to work properly, you must wait a few seconds until WhatsApp is able to process it , otherwise it will open a new tab to the platform where the video is hosted.

The Desktop version (computer application) is still not compatible with Internet PiP videos. We will have to wait for it to arrive in a future update that, hopefully, will not take long.

A few days ago Mark Zuckerberg's intention was to unify the messages of his three applications: WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram. Knowing the privacy issues that users of the Zuckerberg social network have suffered, it is very likely that millions of people will change their messaging service once the unification process is complete.

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