Apple drops from the 1st to the 17th position as the most innovative company -


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Thursday, 21 February 2019

Apple drops from the 1st to the 17th position as the most innovative company

Apple is not what it used to be. Although there are still manufacturers that take it as a reference to develop their devices, it has long ceased to be the model to follow in the industry . Their smartphones, tablets and computers are no longer so surprising, in part because they do not risk. So, brands like Xiaomi are taking the market by leaps and bounds, showing flexible mobile phones and high-end equipment at ridiculous prices .

It is not surprising that consumers look elsewhere for what they do not find in Apple . Sales of the iPhone in the Chinese market do not stop falling, despite the discounts to acquire one.

Apple has long ceased to be an innovative company whose greatest success in recent years has been wireless Bluetooth headphones AirPods. For this and other things, the Cupertino have dropped positions in the ranking of innovative companies to finish in the 17th position.

Apple, in position 17 of the Fast Company's ranking of innovative companies
Every year, the Fast Company publishes a list of the 50 most innovative companies . According to 9to5Mac , those of Cupertino got in 2018 to be at the top of the list, although in 2019 they have not been so lucky and have descended many, many positions.

Being in position 17 of 50 may not seem so horrible , but for a company like Apple that changed the industry as we know it is. And more to see which are the rivals that have overcome you.

In the position number 1 is Meituan Dianping as the most innovative company. It is a Chinese technological platform that facilitates reservations and deliveries of food services, hotel stays, movie tickets, etc. Then there's Recording, NBA, The Walt Disney Company and Stitch Fix.

Even Twitter, Shopify and Alibaba have been ahead of Apple . If Tim Cook does not want to continue descending in the ranking, he must move a chip, and fast.

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