Apple Pay is already activated on 383 million iPhone -


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Thursday, 21 February 2019

Apple Pay is already activated on 383 million iPhone

It is a fact that the way we buy money is changing. We went from using traditional paper money to credit cards, that invention that some demonize. But it is that since a few years ago we are replacing those pieces of plastic with the smart mobile phone or the smartwatch .

Although there are people who feel distrust or fear of storing your credit card information on your smartphone, there is nothing to worry about. Apple Pay, one of the most popular mobile payment platforms, protects information very well and it is impossible to duplicate it as it is done with cards.

But that fear disappears as soon as you test how easy, simple and comfortable it is to pay with the iPhone or the Apple Watch . It is not surprising that Apple Pay is already active in 383 million iPhone worldwide.

Apple Pay, the king of mobile payment platforms
383 million iPhone may not tell us much if we do not know how many there are assets in the world. It turns out that, according to AppleInsider , is 43% of the total, a figure that is not bad considering that Apple Pay is not available globally .

Apple is making a lot of effort to make Apple Pay reach as many countries as possible. The most important banks in Spain already support it , it can even be used to pay for bus tickets in Madrid . As if that were not enough, just last Tuesday, February 19, Apple Pay arrived in Saudi Arabia and the Czech Republic.

The largest number of Apple Pay users is in the United States with 12% . However, because it begins to be implemented in the public transport system of other countries such as the United Kingdom, China, Japan and Russia, it is gaining more and more prominence in them.

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