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Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Soyes 7s: This is the tiniest "iPhone" in the world

A company created a smartphone exactly identical to Apple's iPhone , only a much smaller size ...

We are talking about the Soyes smartphone. A miniature iPhone that turns out, plain and simple, adorable.

We have already seen other miniature iPhone concepts in the past. But this idea took shape in real life with a very curious device that is worth seeing.

This is the smallest "iPhone" in the world
The truth is that Apple increasingly launches larger smartphones. The screens of the new 6.5-inch iPhone XS Max are absolutely spectacular. And the trend from the perspective of other manufacturers remains the same: to launch increasingly larger smartphones to the market.

But what happens if you like smaller smartphones? We present the Soyes 7S device, a version of the iPhone in miniature. And we say version of the iPhone, because basically it is a clone of it. It has the same applications, the same software and even the same design ... of course, in a much smaller size. You can take a look from the following video that we include below.

Luckily, and thanks to its size, this time we can differentiate perfectly the clone of the real iPhone. This small device only measures 95 millimeters high and 46 millimeters wide . It has a screen of only 2.54 inches and a resolution of 432 x 240 pixels. It must be a real hell to write a text message on that tiny screen!

On the other hand, this small "iPhone" from Soyes has a 32-bit MediaTek processor and 1 GB of RAM . In addition, it has a storage capacity of only 8 GB. What more did you expect from such a dwarf device? Its battery, curiously, promises a use of 1 to 2 days, something that is not so bad.

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