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Thursday, 21 February 2019

Thanks to the new Samsung Galaxy S10, the iPhone will seem cheaper than ever

The prices of high-end smartphones are being placed around 1,000 euros in recent years. It is a process that has been carried out by all brands, not just Apple with their iPhone . Today Samsung has presented its Samsung Galaxy S10 and prices follow this line.

IPhone may seem expensive, however the recent Samsung Galaxy S10 are not far behind with prices very similar to Apple alternatives. Also keep in mind that Apple also develops the operating system , which entails a higher expenditure on engineers. It is true that Samsung retouching Android, but Google is responsible for its development.

The prices of the Samsung Galaxy S10 are similar to those of the iPhone XS
Samsung has introduced three new devices , it is clear that the trends that Apple creates are followed by the entire industry . In this way we have a Samsung Galaxy S10e that competes with the iPhone XR , a Samsung Galaxy S10 that is rival to the iPhone XS and the Samsung Galaxy S10 + to fight face to face with the iPhone XS Max .

The official starting prices of the new Samsung Galaxy S10 are as follows:

Samsung Galaxy S10e: from 759 euros.
Samsung Galaxy S10: 929 and 1,179 euros.
Samsung Galaxy S10 +: from 1,049, 1,299 and 1,609 euros.
As we see there is hardly any difference with Apple models so it is clear that the price marked in Cupertino is not as high as we are led to believe, at least with Samsung, Xiaomi is in another league . In addition Apple's iPhone does not depreciate over time and it is easy to sell them once a year has passed, losing approximately only 30% of value.

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