The Apple Watch ECG will be activated this year in more countries -


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Monday, 18 February 2019

The Apple Watch ECG will be activated this year in more countries

Domestic technology, if used properly, can make our lives much easier. Up until now, he had always focused on the field of productivity , in order to accomplish tasks more quickly and efficiently, leaving aside health. But with the arrival of smart watches and bracelets like the Apple Watch, great advances are being made.

These devices, which previously only seemed useful if you were an athlete, are increasingly present in the lives of all kinds of people , regardless of their level of physical activity, profession or age. You just have to see how different are the profiles of users with an Apple Watch that tell testimonies about how the clock has saved their lives.

And is that the Apple Watch was also a device focused on sports until the Series 4 came. This model included some features designed to save lives , such as the fall detector and the ECG function that allows electrocardiograms to be placed with one finger in the digital crown. However, this last feature is only available in very few territories like the United States, although this could change soon.

The electrocardiogram ECG function will reach more countries in 2019

Ming-Chi Kuo is a well-known analyst who often makes predictions about upcoming Apple releases and events. His last augury features the next generation of iPhone . Ensures that the company will present three devices with the same screen dimensions, ie: 5.8, 6.1 and 6.5 inches.

According to MacRumors , among the new features of smartphones would be the triple rear camera and an improved Face ID. But not only has he talked about the new iPhone, but he has also referred to the Apple Watch .

He has just given details about the next generation, apart from a supposed ceramic model and that the main supplier would be USI. What is really interesting is the ECG function, which seems to reach more countries by 2019 .

With the approval of the use of these functions in domestic devices in Europe, for example, it should be sufficient for all EU member countries to use it. However, it should be remembered that this is only a prediction, and that it is not always true. If it is not yet available in Canada , to know when it will be in Spain .

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