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Saturday, 9 March 2019

Confirmed: the supposed icon of the new iPod touch is false

Sometimes it is really difficult to predict the moves of Apple, especially because some do not make much sense. A clear example of this is that it will most likely continue to include a basic charger with its 2019 iPhone instead of a fast charging one. If we want the battery of our smartphone to be recharged 100% in less time we will have to continue buying it separately .

But that is not the only strange movement that has caught the attention of the media and consumers. A few weeks ago the rumor arose that the Cupertino could be preparing a new generation of iPod touch , its media player with touch screen. This was confirmed thanks to the beta code of iOS 12.2. It is currently the only device in the iPod range that can be purchased, and is no longer as popular as it used to be.

According to a user named Jake McCabe that same version in iOS tests contains an image that refers to the 7th generation iPod touch . However, that image is false.

The 7th generation iPod Touch icon in iOS 12.2 is fake
This icon of the supposed new iPod touch shows a device without borders or physical start button, so it implies that you could use a fingerprint reader implemented on the screen . However, it has some details and inconsistencies that make it very unlike Apple. The main one is that it is not correctly aligned, but located slightly more to one side than the other.

Guilherme Rambo, a well-known iOS developer, has confirmed what many thought: the image is false . He himself inquired a while ago for the iOS 12.2 code in search of secrets yet to be discovered and did not find that image.

Guilherme Rambo
 This is fake, I’ve just been able to confirm that there is no such icon on iOS. If there was, I would’ve found it before.

Icon Allegedly Found in iOS 12.2 Beta Suggests 7th Gen iPod touch Will Have All-Screen Design … by @waxeditorial

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7:39 PM - Mar 8, 2019
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It is expected that the new 7th generation iPod touch is an input device , without great features. If it had the same design as the most recent iPhone could not keep a low price. In addition, it is expected that you do not have a Touch ID or, if you have a security system, that you have it, but no Face ID.

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