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Saturday, 9 March 2019

Facebook loses 15 million users in just over a year in the US alone

The social network by antonomasia faces low hours. As reported by the Fast Company , the company that runs Mark Zuckerberg, has registered a fall of 15 million users since last year. And this only in the United States.

These are figures that call attention to their volume, but they are not surprising after the scandal of last year, and that occurred on dates close to the one we are in. [Cambridge Analytica discovered the darkest side of this network.] Https:// The treatment that had been done of the data of millions of users was not ethical.

Younger people turn their backs on Facebook
The age range in which this network has lost more users is between 12 to 34 years. Facebook is not too popular, perhaps among teenagers, who prefer other types of applications to communicate with.

Facebook has been trying to wash its image, we all remember the image of Zuckerberg declaring with suit before the commission of the North American congress. The use he made of the data of millions of users , with whom he came to traffic without any regard, made many people decide to turn their back on the network and delete their profiles. It was the moment of the birth of the #deletefacebook movement, championed by Steve Wozniak , among others.

In the same way, this network has introduced some attractiveness and improvements that avoid the leakage of profiles, and ultimately, of customers. It seems that the damage was quite significant , despite the purpose of the amendment of the Facebook directors. Privacy is also an object of contention between Facebook and Apple , which presumes not to do anything similar with the data of its customers. How will the figures be in the subsequent reports?

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