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Saturday, 9 March 2019

The 7th generation iPad will continue to have Touch ID and headphone jack

In a couple of weeks, if the rumors are true, Apple will convene the media for a Keynote later this month , probably March 25. It will not be a presentation that is characterized by showing many devices, but it would be focused on the new services of the company . They are expected to talk about their new subscription news service, as well as their new streaming video platform on demand with which to compete against Netflix.

However, with them, we would see some surprises as the AirPods 2 that have been done so much to beg, as well as the new iPad mini 5 or, who knows, maybe even the 7th generation iPod touch . But a new tablet could also join the event, and it would be the 7th generation iPad.

7th generation iPad: no design changes, Touch ID and headphone jack

Currently Apple has three lines of iPad in its catalog. On the one hand we have the iPad mini 4 of 2015, the sixth generation iPad launched in 2018 and the iPad Pro, renewed in October of last year. This new iPad of 7ยช generation would be a slight renovation of that of sixth generation, with a small improvement in its specifications, but little more. The Japanese medium Mac Otakara has shared information about the 7th generation iPad that he has obtained through the suppliers .

On one side is the screen. Rumors pointed to a 10.2-inch panel instead of a 9.7-inch panel, but nothing is clear. Some providers talk about a 10-inch screen while others say there are no changes in this aspect. I would still have the Touch ID fingerprint reader and not the Face ID, reserved for the Pro range of the Cupertino tablet, as well as having a 3.5mm headphone jack .

Although it is still early to talk about the price, it is believed that it could go on sale for 329 dollars , since it is the same one for which the current generation is sold.

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