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Saturday, 9 March 2019

The best Star Wars wallpapers for iPhone

I'm sure you're looking forward to changing wallpaper, and what better way to do it for one of this fantastic collection of Star Wars wallpapers that we bring you this week. They are probably the best 10 Star Wars wallpapers you'll find for your iPhone.

If there is a famous saga in history that is Star Wars for which I do not think it needs a lot of presentation. Download these wallpapers and give your iPhone a new look.

The essential Star Wars wallpapers for your iPhone
Taking advantage of the fact that 10 Star Wars movies have been released, we bring you a wallpaper for each movie that has reached the cinema , waiting for the expected release of episode 9, which will arrive later this year. We are going to organize them in chronological order in which events happen. Here we go.

Episode I: The ghost threat

How to download and install a new wallpaper on your iPhone

Changing our wallpaper is something very simple and probably already know how to do it, although we have it for anyone who is a newcomer to iOS. First you must download them, just keep the image pressed and click on Save image. Now you just have to go to Settings> Wallpaper> Select another background and choose the one you prefer for the lock screen or start screen.

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