Friday, 18 October 2019

Apple: iOS 13 is in 50% of iPhone, iPadOS in 33% of iPad

Yesterday we already had some preliminary data but now it has been Apple that has officially given the distribution figures of its new operating systems. This is a valuable information for developers and confirms once again that iOS updates are fast and effective .

According to the information, 50% of all iPhone and iPod touch in the world already have iOS 13 installed, ranking as the most widespread iOS distribution just 4 weeks after its launch. For its part, iPadOS is installed in 33% of the iPad , something quite normal given its delay in the launch with respect to iOS 13.

iOS 13 and iPadOS start strong

The apple company has published 4 graphics, two for iOS 13 and two for iPadOS. The above figures are with respect to the total number of devices, among which there are many that cannot be updated, such as the iPhone 6. In the second graphic, Apple shares the installation fee among the devices launched in the last four years , therefore it's about devices that can update.

In this second graph the figures improve, 55% of iPhones launched in the last four years already have iOS 13 installed , while 38% run iOS 12. The remaining 7% of devices run an earlier version of iOS.

As for iPadOS, if we only look at the devices launched in the last 4 years, 41% of the iPad already have iPadOS , while 51% still use iOS 12 and 13% have an earlier version.

This is very similar data to last year, iOS 12 achieved an adoption among the entire user base identical to iOS 13, 50%. If we compare with the graph of the devices introduced in the last four years, iOS 13 is slightly ahead with 55% compared to 53% last year .

It seems that the new operating systems are having a very good reception , in addition Apple has released music updates that have greatly improved the performance of iOS 13. We have already seen iOS 13.1, iOS 13.1.1, iOS 13.1.2 and, recently, iOS 13.1 .3

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