Wednesday, 23 October 2019

Apple patents a technology that creates Memojis from our photos automatically

However it seems that the improvements will not end here and Apple is still trying to add more news to its Memoji . We have already explained step by step how to create your new Memoji to look like you, but very soon this may not be necessary since Apple is working on Memojis that are generated automatically thanks to a photo.

Create your Memoji automatically
As Appelinsider has learned , Apple has already patented a new technology capable of analyzing the faces of a photo and creating a Memoji in your image and likeness.

Creating a Memoji may seem simple, but Apple has introduced a lot of new features and we have thousands of different combinations. If this process were done automatically it would certainly be much more convenient for users.

The patent filed at the United States Patent and Trademark Office on Tuesday has the name "Technique to create avatar from image data" and, in summary, shows how from a user image you can determine the characteristics Facials of the subject and then create a Memoji that looks like it.

In this analysis of photography this artificial intelligence would be able to detect our face, our hairstyle, if we wear glasses or earrings, it would even be able to determine our eye color and if we have a beard and create a Memoji that fits perfectly.

In this patent only 2D images are used, but if Apple combined this technology with Face ID and the 3D matrix of our face that is capable of composing the TrueDepth camera, it is possible that the Memojis could be even more similar. Apple has many patents, but it looks very good and has a good chance of becoming something real.

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