Friday, 18 October 2019

Apple turns Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon into Hollywood's highest paid stars

Apple has always given everything when investing in a new project. When the iPod and iTunes were born, the company revolutionized the world of music. With the arrival of the iPhone and the App Store they changed mobile telephony and even the way we live.

So it is no surprise that Apple has invested so much money and effort in Apple TV + services . They are entering the film scene with the same confidence and aggressiveness that they had in 2001 when they entered the music industry.

And everything is repeated again. As it happened with the arrival of iTunes, with which Apple closed multiple agreements with artists and record companies, today Apple is doing the same with actors, actresses, producers and film directors to promote and promote the launch of the services of Apple TV +

Apple has invested a lot of money in Apple TV +

Apple has decided that it wants to succeed in the cinematographic world, and for this they will have the association of the most important film studios today and with the help of prestigious directors such as Steven Spielberg or JJ Abrams himself.

And now, thanks to The Hollywood Reporter we have been able to know some very juicy details about the contracts they have offered to high-level actors and actresses at the international level. The billion-dollar company has put a lot of money on the table to ensure that they attract a good number of viewers for the official launch of Apple TV + services, an on-demand streaming platform that will land on November 1 .

Sonya Rosenfeld, CAA TV agent, talked like this about Apple's project:


Apple TV + highest paid stars

One of the biggest investments Apple has made among all its documentaries, its series and its films has been the one that makes up the series The Morning Show. Apple has spent $ 300 million in two seasons of this series, and they will also pay $ 40 million for the show's leading actresses, Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon.

Both actresses will charge 2 million dollars for each episode aired. But they will also charge more money as executive producers of the series. This places them as two of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood, entering "the 2 million dollar club" with Charlie Sheen (Two and a Half Men), Ray Romano (Everybody Loves Raymond) and Kelsey Grammer (Frasier).

In the series The Morning Show we will also see Steve Carell (The Office) but it does not seem that he will be one of the main protagonists of the series, since the company of the bitten apple has only hired him for a year , when the series will initially have two seasons Therefore, it is possible that Apple is already looking for another actor to replace him in the second season.

Apple's advantages over Netflix and HBO
Apple has something that Netflix and other companies do not have, we talk about an impressive number of users who use their services and their devices. If the apple firm plays its cards well, they will have it very easy when it comes to hooking the public to their series and movies. With iOS, macOS, tvOS, Apple Music and a long list of platforms, they have a brutal number of potential viewers. And if we add to this a monthly price of 4.99 euros, success can be devastating.

Now we just have to wait until November 1 to see what audiovisual content awaits us since the beginning of Apple TV +. It will have a free trial period , so from iPadízate we recommend you wait a while before subscribing so you can enjoy as many series and movies as possible.

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