Wednesday, 23 October 2019

Now you can find out about accidents and traffic with Google Maps from iOS

This function had already been active for Android users for a while, but it is a matter of days for iOS users to also access it and belong to the group of informants who can offer this kind of data.

There are alternatives to this, such as the Waze application, but it was time that Google would raise its hand and allow mobility data to work for the benefit of its users.

Vehicular reports with Google Maps
To start a report , a route must be established. Subsequently, four buttons will appear in the options on the right side, pressing the button with the "+" will show the "Add a report" option. When the problem is confirmed, a brief report of this will appear on the map.

Google will add the ability to report four new types of incidents : construction, lane closure, disabled vehicles and objects on the road. This is a great advantage for users, as they can be informed early, it can even be functional with GoogleHome, which will allow taking into account the time added due to these road impediments and knowing the time it would take to reach the destination with greater accuracy.

Other functions

In addition, other essential tools for travelers will be implemented, as it will also have a function of guide for seers and another with personal notification to know if your public transport takes an unknown route and that interferes with your destination or security .

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