Friday, 18 October 2019

“Transform” your iPhone X / XS into the iPhone 11 Pro with this 3 Euro accessory

It has cost nothing at all for this to happen. From China they are already selling an accessory to change the back appearance of the iPhone X , XS and XS Max for that of an iPhone 11 Pro , how? A simple insert that covers the camera module is the only thing that separates us from "updating" our iPhone this year.

For € 3 you turn your iPhone of the last generation into the new iPhone 11 Pro
Yes ladies and gentlemen, that is the price of this small update, which far from being invasive for our terminal simply means sticking it on the cameras . Beyond the sale price, the price to pay for this modification is the disablement of the flash and the rear microphone of our iPhone, since they are completely covered by the accessory. It is expensive for users to want to modify the appearance of the camera, since although the module has a perforation that simulates the flash, it is totally useless.

Do not hesitate to take a look at this modification that surely does not leave you indifferent , and value yourself to what extent someone would be willing to pay, even if they are € 3, for appearing to have an iPhone 11 Pro. We leave you here below the button with the link to Aliexpress.

Do we need to convert our iPhone to an 11 Pro?

While it is true that it may look like an iPhone 11 Pro, the differences between these two terminals go beyond the external appearance . Although aesthetics is a factor to take into account any accessory will change the performance or performance of our devices , leaving us rather with another anecdotal accessory from China that surely does not fit with the philosophy of Apple users but that at least we would start laughing at the banal of the product itself.

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