Friday, 18 October 2019

You only need a 3 euro protector to “hack” the fingerprint reader of the Galaxy S10

The fingerprint reader on smartphones became popular with the arrival of Touch ID more than 6 years ago, it was a simple and effective method of identifying ourselves and that has allowed the arrival of other functions such as mobile payments. Apple changed its idea two years ago evolving towards a simpler recognition even with Face ID , however the rest of brands have preferred to continue using fingerprint readers.

Latest-generation fingerprint readers can be included under the device panel, which makes them virtually invisible. However, this is not all good news, these types of readers are more inaccurate and slower than the traditional ones , something that should not be too big, but it turns out that they are also more insecure .

Recently a woman from the United Kingdom has shown that her husband can unlock his Samsung Galaxy S10 by placing his finger, which is not registered , on the device's fingerprint reader.

The fingerprint reader of the Samsung Galaxy S10 is not safe
According to the report prepared by The Sun , Lisa, the protagonist of this story, says that after having placed a screen protector on your Galaxy S10, something quite common for most users, any finger could unlock your Samsung Galaxy S10 at the first attempt . That means that, in his own words, "anyone could access financial applications and transfer funds."

At first Lisa did not relate the problem with the protector she had bought for just 3 euros on eBay, normal since it is not something that should affect, and contacted Samsung. " The customer service man took control of the phone remotely and entered all the settings and finally admitted that it looked like a security breach ." Something that was confirmed when placing in protector in another Samsung Galaxy S10 and verify that the problem was repeated.

Samsung has already responded to the incident by arguing that they are "aware of the case of the fingerprint recognition of the Galaxy S10 and that a software patch will appear soon . "

It is true that there are some protectors that make this type of sensors not work correctly, since using ultrasound can generate interference. But one thing is that it does not work and another very different that allows anyone to unlock the device . Hopefully Samsung's security update will soon reach all the millions of devices that may be affected.

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