Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Can you bathe with the AirPods Pro in a pool? Extreme endurance test

The AirPods Pro have arrived with striking features and quite practical, given the type of activity for which they are usually used. As with any Apple device, there is plenty of who wants to test the quality of the features they offer and challenge them to the fullest.

But this time, it has not been its praised audio technology that has been tried, but its water resistance specifications . The brave, has been the administrator of the YouTube channel Tech Santos , who at all risk has exposed the headphones to different depths.

As read in the Apple specifications , the AirPod Pro offer a degree of water resistance with IPX4 certification, which indicates that while they can receive water in all directions, they should not be submerged or exposed to much pressure.

Ignoring the warnings of the children of the bitten apple, Santos recreates three situations in which the AirPods Pro are exposed to water. Can you imagine the result?

Situation 1

In the first case, the youtuber recreates a scene in the gym and what would happen to the AirPods in front of many drops of sweat. To do this, he sprayed the AirPods with a minimum amount of water for a few seconds. In this challenge the headphones were unharmed and at no time did the music sound stop or alter, so it was considered a test passed for Apple.

Situation 2

In this scenario the level of difficulty rose a little more, and at the risk of losing Apple's warranty , Santos took a shower of several minutes with the AirPods. Despite his own surprise, the headphones responded and continued to function.

Situation 3

With this test Santos left impressed all his followers, as he was the first to publicly expose the AirPods Pro to the depth of a pool . In this scenario, Santos immersed himself in the water for several seconds, then told that the music he was playing stopped, but when he came out of the water he continued normally.

After the third challenge, Santos did not want to abuse his luck and concluded that the AirPods Pro would survive an accident in the pool , but surely, as Apple warns, not at a higher time underwater.

These kinds of challenges are common among youtubers passionate about technology. And although not all scenarios were necessary, it has served to demonstrate that at least to the degree that Apple says, the AirPods Pro are able to resist water.

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