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Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Maybe you haven't noticed but Facebook has changed its logo

Companies tend to update their brand from time to time to maintain the freshness of their identity and prevent their image, which is so important today, is anchored in the past. On other occasions, the reason for the change is much more concrete, such as to establish a separation between the company's business parts. The most recent example of this last case is the change that Facebook has made.

Indeed, Facebook has changed its logo. However, and although it can lead to confusion, the image of the social network has not changed, which had already undergone some slight update not long ago, but it is the company that has changed its identity. From now on, and with the simplest logo, Facebook as a company will have a completely different identity in aesthetics from that used in the homonymous social network, distinguishing the company from the product.

According to the company, which has presented its new image in a press release , the reason for this transformation is to increase the clarity with which Facebook products are distinguished. Thus, the new logo will begin to be present in all products , such as Instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus, or Facebook itself. And of course, the appearance of the new logo will vary according to each of them, showing the colors with which the platforms are identified, such as green or blue.

This change will begin to be visible very soon in all Facebook services and products, allowing users to know more easily the brand behind so many platforms. At the moment, it seems that among the community the new image has aroused a lot of surprise, especially because of the extreme simplicity of the new logo , whose most notable change is the use of capital letters.

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