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Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Now you can watch Netflix trailers directly on WhatsApp

With everything there is to share on WhatsApp it is not uncommon for the courier company to refine the options to do so from time to time without leaving the application. To do this, WhatsApp takes into account those apps that make users addicted and makes updates like today!

In this sense, information shared by Wabetainfo , states that as happened with YouTube last year, very soon we will be able to watch Netflix trailers directly on WhatsApp . As a result, users of the instant messaging system will be able to share and access the progress without leaving the application.

Currently, WhatsApp can play videos from the trailers of Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Streamable and now Netflix.

From now on, talking about the series of the moment or our favorite scene will be more graphic from WhatsApp. All this magic will happen through Picture-in-Picture mode . However, you cannot expect much more.

Wabetainfo clarifies that only progress can be seen and if you want to see the full content it will be necessary to do it from Netflix.

At the moment, the function is only available for iOS users. Once shared, you can simply click on the thumbnail play icon and watch the video on WhatsApp.

In the same way of integrating with WhatsApp, specifically on iOS , Apple's next update will allow users to send messages directly to private contacts , through Siri. So surely, the phrase we hear most in the future is "Hello Siri, send a message to such a person on WhatsApp".

How frequent WhatsApp users do you think about these updates? Share in the comments!

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