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Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Xiaomi presents the Xiaomi Mi Watch, one of the most shameless copies of the Apple Watch that are remembered

Xiaomi has finally launched its first Mi Watch smartwatch, along with a Mi CC9 Pro smartphone with up to five cameras. The smart watch of the Chinese company is clearly inspired by the Apple Watch, has the same rectangular design with curves in its corners and the classic Apple digital crown.

However, and as usual in Xiaomi products, however much the Mi Watch resembles the Apple Watch, its price is much more affordable.

In this article we will talk about all the features, hardware and technical specifications of the new Xiaomi smartwatch, the Mi Watch.

Xiaomi Mi Watch: design, features and technical specifications

The Xiaomi Mi Watch will hit the market with quite powerful hardware components, especially at the battery level. The Xiaomi smart watch is manufactured with a ceramic housing and a frame of a very resistant aluminum alloy.

As we mentioned previously, its design is inspired by the Apple Watch, with very similar sizes, rectangular in appearance, with a digital crown and a side button . Of course, its edges are completely flat, while the edges of the Apple Watch Series 5 are curved.

The first generation of the Xiaomi smartwatch has a microphone located between the mechanisms of its digital crown and its side button. On the left edge of the smartwatch we find a single speaker.

Technical specifications

We are going now with the most interesting and remarkable of the Xiaomi Mi Watch, because it has some hardware components to take into account. First, the device has an AMOLED screen of 1.78 inches . Exactly the same inches as the 44 mm version of the Apple Watch Series 5 .

The Xiaomi watch will arrive with the Snapdragon Wear 3100 processor developed last year by Qualcomm and with 8 GB of storage capacity and 1 GB of RAM.

For its part, in comparison, the latest generation of the Apple Watch has an S5 processor, up to 32 GB of storage capacity and also 1 GB of RAM.

And here comes the most brutal of the Xiaomi Mi Watch… it has a 570 mAh battery . A battery that will provide a range of up to 36 hours of continuous use. We talk about a battery life of practically two days with a single charge, a large On the other hand, the Apple Watch Series 5 has a battery of between 296 mAh, providing 18 hours of autonomy.

Other features
As for other features of the new Xiaomi smartwatch is its 4G connectivity, NFC technology, Bluetooth 4.2, GPS and sensors such as accelerometer, gyroscope, barometer and ambient light.

As for health monitoring, the Xiaomi Mi Watch will be specialized in fitness. This watch will be able to track a total of 10 different physical activities . We talk about walking, running, swimming, climbing, etc. All these exercises will have their own software tools within the Mi Watch operating system. In addition, it will also offer heart rate monitoring and VO2MAX training ratings.

Additionally, and to finish with the characteristics of Xiaomi's first generation smartwatch, the device will also include an algorithm known as Firstbeat . This algorithm is developed to analyze the rhythm of the heartbeat and the speed of the exercises at multiple points throughout a training session. In this way, the Mi Watch will have easier to detect each of the changes.

Price and launch date of the Xiaomi Mi Watch
Without a doubt, the new Xiaomi smartwatch is very complete, and to be its first generation is not bad at all. Many consumers may choose to buy a Mi Watch instead of the Apple Watch, especially those who want to prioritize the level of battery life over other smartwatch features.

The Xiaomi Mi Watch will be available from 160 euros and its launch in China will take place on November 11 . However, there is still no explicit release date for Europe, so we will have to wait.

What do you think of the Xiaomi Mi Watch? Would you buy it before the Apple Watch?

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