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An iPhone 8 case confirms its vertical dual camera

As already happened in the case of the iPhone 7 , the filtration of an iPhone 8 case (iPhone 7s, iPhone X or iPhone Edition) from Apple allows us to intuit what your design will look like. Specifically, the sheath confirms the widespread theory about the vertical position of the dual camera.

In addition, this transparent cover that seems to be made of plastic and silicone gives us some clues about the characteristics of the device by the shape and the holes of its design.

In fact, if it is a real filtration, to begin with we could say that the volume buttons will not be located on the curved glass of the OLED screen, but will be physical. On the other hand, I would not have jack connector for headphones . Nor would you have a Touch ID sensor on the back and most importantly, your dual camera would have a vertical position .

It is very likely that the iPhone 8 has dual vertical camera

If the river makes a noise its because water is running. And there are already many rumors about the design change and the position of the iPhone's dual camera of the 10th anniversary.

Interestingly, the filtered case of the iPhone 8 also has a power button rather longer than normal.

It has been speculated that Apple had problems with the production of the iPhone 8 due to difficulties in implementing the Touch ID functionality on the hardware behind the OLED screen. But this case does not have a Touch ID on the back, so Apple may have already solved your problem.

The design of the iPhone 8 could have 4mm bezels and edges with a slight curve of glass fused with stainless steel, and this case seems to match those characteristics.

Be that as it may, contrary to what happened in previous years, the iPhone leaks of the 10th anniversary do not end convincing us. Probably because of that halo of mystery that surrounds the smartphone and the fact that we still do not know its nomenclature . Will this case be real? Will your dual camera be vertical?

Via | 9to5mac

The OLED display of the iPhone 8 could have black NO touch frames

Apple has problems with Touch ID integration on the OLED screen of the iPhone 7s, iPhone 8, iPhone Edition or iPhone X of the 10th anniversary. It should not be easy to implement this technology in the hardware of a device with the entire touch screen. But the company could opt for several solutions.

One of the methods to solve the problem of Touch ID integration in the iPhone 8 would be to include a fingerprint sensor under the OLED screen, and Apple has many patents for it. But there is a big difference between a concept and a finished product.

Another possible solution would be to follow the same path as many Android smartphone companies by moving the Touch ID sensor to the back of the terminal housing . Although this would be a horrible idea, at least aesthetic ...

But, as reported by 9to5mac publishers , there is a third possibility ...

The OLED screen of the iPhone 8 would be similar to the Apple Watch

Perhaps Apple should focus on a somewhat less ambitious design perspective . The company wants to provide consumers with an OLED display from edge to edge of the device, or with very small side bezels. And you could get it by looking at a device that already launched a long time ago, the Apple Watch.

When the Apple Watch is off, or locked, all you see is a single piece of glass. Even when the smartwatch is on the black background implies that you can not clearly differentiate where the screen ends and where the frame begins . A very convincing illusion.

In this way, Apple could present an iPhone 8 with an OLED screen that covers all the dimensions of the device, but with a small NO-touch frame at the bottom (and top) that helps the implementation of Touch ID sensors.

What do you think? Do you think Apple will opt for this strategy?

Free Limited Time Apps And Games - iPhone, iPod, iPad {APR 28}

For iPhone users, there is no better a news than free apps to download. Well, CydiaPlus is passionate about everything related to Apple products, and therefore, we bring up-to-date info on iPhones, iPods, iPads, iTunes and more. And this list is incomplete without apps gone free! You bet, we keep refreshing this section every day with a number of iPhone apps gone free.

Go ahead and download your favorite iPhone apps. And developers, don’t forget to send your apps.
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Disclaimer: All apps included in this list are free at the time of posting. We’re not responsible for price

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Transfer music, super fast videos on iPhone without connecting to PC

Most iPhone data management programs on a PC require users to use a cable to connect, but if you do not have a lightning cable next door, how do you send and receive music and videos?

With the VLC for mobile application, it seems that transferring and receiving music and video is simpler. You do not need to use a connection cable, just have your smartphone download the VLC for Mobile app and be connected to the same Wi-Fi network with your computer.

After downloading the VLC application on the device, open the application, click the VLC logo in the left corner of the screen. Then enable the Sharing via WiFi feature .

Right now you will see the URL address for sharing music and video, as shown below:

  • On the computer, visit:
  • On the iPhone, visit: http: //Vu-Tong.local
You should note, depending on the different devices that this path will be different. In addition, computers and iPhones must share a Wi-Fi network to share data.

Send music, video from PC to iDevice

After the address, open the browser on your computer and add the address received above.

Then click on the + to select the file to share.

As soon as you click open , the file will be uploaded to VLC's cloud.

And of course, because the connection to the shared path is shared in VLC for Mobile, the file has already appeared on your iPhone (in the VLC for Mobile application).

No more hassle, and no need to use a cable connection, make sure video and music streaming with VLC will be quickly used by many users. Do you have any way to transfer music to your iPhone? Share right below.

The Sony Xperia XZ Premium can be booked soon and with free headsets

The Sony Xperia XZ Premium comes to Europe, will hit the market on June 1. And you can book next week with a gift: premium headphones.

I was able to test the Sony Xperia XZ Premium at the MWC in Barcelona and it gave me very good sensations. Excellent, rather: a smartphone with the best construction and performance of the game. Sony remains committed to its design with upper and lower edges for the front, but revolutionizes the high end in many respects. Like the camera.

That was one of the details that I liked the most about this cell phone: his camera. Especially his ability to record on super-slim camera . Also wanting to take the glove? Well, that date is close: you can book it from next week.

Premium gift headphones priced at 300 euros

The price of the Sony Xperia XZ Premium lives up to its "Premium" tag. Something logical given the trend of the manufacturer and the market: the Sony Xperia XZ Premium will be on the market for about 750 euros . Failing to specify this price, we do know that the reservation will have its reward.

In limited units, and for all those who reserve a unit after the date of reservation is formalized: future owners of a Sony Xperia XZ Premium will wear a Sony MDR-100ABN headset . Bluetooth, high quality, with active noise cancellation and valued at about 300 euros. It is not a bad gift; Although the investment in the purchase of the smartphone is not small.

The first 4K HDR screen on a smartphone , Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of internal storage with SD, 3 220 mAh battery, protection against dust and water, an excellent camera on paper ... Bad choice if you want to bet on a high end. And the combo of having it with a quality headset partially compensates the payout.

The best mobiles for less than 350 euros (April 2017)

Choosing a mobile is not always as easy as it sounds. There are more and more phones in the market and the differences are increasingly difficult to see. Do you have 350 euros for your new mobile and do not know what to choose? We tell you what is your best option and other alternatives.

The best: Samsung Galaxy A5 2017

Already in our analysis of this phone call we mentioned that although it was an excellent terminal, its price seemed slightly high. It has already dropped 100 euros in price, and that makes it one of the best options next to the LG G5 SE.

For practical purposes, this is an intermediate version between the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S7 . Its screen is very good, its battery is quite good and its camera is outstanding for this price range.

The best: Screen, camera, performance.

The worst: There are no hits.

The best alternative: LG G5 SE

The LG G5 was one of the most undervalued mobile phones of 2016. Its concept of modular mobile did not set and that cost LG quite a bit of popularity. However, the LG G5 is a great phone that is worth it.

The LG G5 SE is a smaller version with a 652 Snapdragon processor and with 3GB of RAM. But for 330 euros we have an excellent high-end screen and high-end camera from 2016.

The best: Screen and camera.

The worst: Battery.

I want a Chinese mobile: Xiaomi Mi 5S

You've probably been told about Chinese mobiles. The main problem of this is that the mobile may take a month to arrive , and the guarantee of these websites is not usually as good as the Spanish stores.

The Xiaomi Mi 5S has everything you could ask for at a high end , but paying almost half. Good display, lots of power, quality materials and a decent battery. In addition, MIUI is a personalization layer that works very well.

Of course, remember that the delivery times are not very good and that, although the Chinese stores give us guarantee, it is not something that we should count on.

The best: High range for a lower price.

The worst: Shipments and guarantees.

Other very decent alternatives

Has not one of our best alternatives convinced you? Looking for a mobile with more screen and that has a guarantee? Are you sick of the usual designs? We recommend these other phones.

I want a small mobile phone: Sony Xperia X Compact

Everyone seems to want a high end. The phablets are in fashion. If you want a small phone your only option is to buy an iPhone. Or maybe not?

Sony has several generations launching a small size alternative to its flagships . The Sony Xperia X Compact is a Xperia X, but with a reduced size, and is that it has a screen of 4.6 inches. Lots of battery and a pretty good camera.

The best: Size, battery.

Worst: Your design could be more compact.

Best quality / price: BQ Aquaris X5 Plus

The Spanish manufacturer has quite a few interesting models in the market, and the Aquaris X5 Plus BQ is one of them. A mobile that is very balanced in all aspects and does not lack anything.

The best: Very balanced for the price it costs.

Worst: Your next generation comes out next month (though it's less powerful).

I want to spend less: Moto G5 Plus

Below the 300 euros we not only have the model of BQ, but Motorola also has the best version of its Moto G5. Regarding the Moto G5 we have better screen, a more powerful processor and better photographic experience.

The best: Performance, updates.

The worst: The BQ Aquaris X5 is superior in quite a few aspects.

The Xiaomi Mi 6 Plus could have been canceled

New rumors indicate that the Xiaomi Mi 6 Plus , which we expected to see presented alongside the Xiaomi Mi 6 could have been canceled .

For many months we have been waiting for the leaks and rumors that originated around the expected Xiaomi Mi 6 . This model was introduced a few days ago and we all noticed that it came alone.

After the presentation of the Xiaomi Mi 5S and Mi 5S Plus it was assumed that there would be a Xiaomi Mi 6 Plus and that we would see him at the same time as his little brother. It was not so and it began to speculate that the date of presentation had been delayed about two months . Now it looks like the launch of this model could be canceled.

The Xiaomi Mi 6 Plus could never go out

It should be made clear that this is a rumor and as such could be false or even if it were true that the company would change its mind in the future. It would be neither the first nor the last time.

According to information in Weibo, the popular Chinese social network, Xiaomi would have canceled the release of the Plus version of its new high-end smartphone and to compensate it would advance the presentation of the Xiaomi Mi Note 3 to summer, since until now was expected for the last Of the year.

This move is strange but perhaps, if true, Xiaomi would like to invite buyers to look at the Xiaomi Mi Note 3 if they want a big-screen smartphone and not cannibalize the sales of it with a similar but more diagonal version of the Mi 6, Which is what happened in 2016.

We will have to wait a few months to see if this data is confirmed or if we finally have a Xiaomi MI 6 Plus, whether or not the hand of a Mi Note 3.

Why does my smartphone battery last so little?

Anyone who has a laptop or ** smartphone ** is clear: the autonomy of their batteries decreases with the passage of time . The day you buy it, your cell phone lasts the whole day without being disheartened, but after two years of daily loads, it barely gives you the time to eat.

People usually reckon all this about battery life using the term "charge cycles", but science has finally put some light on the subject. And is that the United States Department of Energy has set to work and has revealed the true mechanisms causing the reduction of the load capacity , and could even avoid them, a milestone for the technologically dependent world today .

In a rechargeable lithium-ion rechargeable battery, the lithium ions are in a solution that move between two electrodes, generating a flow of electrons responsible for originating the energy from which the device is powered. That is, the battery is a mere volume of lithium ions moving between two electrodes between charges and discharges .

In their research, the DOE has discovered that manganese is the material that often causes electrode deterioration, allowing some metal ions to float freely and reverse the path so as to create a reaction that traps ions Lithium - which we remember, are the ones that should run the circuit to provide energy -. Consequently, as more lithium ions are blocked, the charge capacity of the battery is reduced .

According to Daniel Abraham, one of the authors of the study:


And what does all this mean? That perhaps, in the not too distant future, the batteries of our devices could not deteriorate as much , something that in the case of the iPhone is providential. Of course, we can not forget the programmed obsolescence, and is that manufacturers will always seek the compromise between durability and renewal of the terminal.

Via | BGR

We tell you all the details of how the iPhone 8 wireless charge will work

There are still a lot of doubts about what the next iPhone 8 will look like: dual camera upright , dual camera front or selfies , fingerprint sensor or Touch ID on the back and OLED screen are some of the rumors most sounded in recent weeks.

To these rumors are added a new filtration thanks to a drawing that indicates the parts used for the iPhone 8 to have wireless load .

The drawing confirms the wireless charge on the iPhone 8

Although the image is in Chinese, thanks to 9to5mac we have been able to know what each component means, especially those dedicated to this alleged wireless charge since, of course, some take it for granted.

Starting at the top left of the image and going to the right we find the following components: antenna, light sensor for brightness, proximity sensor, double front camera, a second antenna, the base plate (yellow shading on the Drawing), power button, battery, Qi wireless charging (green shading), taptic engine , a third antenna, lightning connector, fourth antenna, loudspeakers, wireless charging module ), SIM tray, volume buttons, mute / volume switch, flash and dual vertical camera.

If we remember, in reference to the antennas, the design remembers the one of the past iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s, that also had antennas in the four corners of the device.

Undoubtedly , this drawing corroborates what the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has been saying in KGI in recent months related to the wireless charge that will have the iPhone 8 but that, yes, will not include the wireless charger and it must be purchased separately .

In addition, the aforementioned drawing states that the components are 'Qi' , standard wireless charging based on inductive sensors to transmit power to devices. If you remember, we had already mentioned in a previous article that Apple had entered the consortium of wireless power , giving force to all these rumors.

Although there is still nothing stated, analysts are increasingly confident that this will ultimately be the design of the iPhone 8 . And although wireless charging is not new in the market, we are sure that Apple will find a way to make it flashy, novel. And what do you think about wireless charging? Leave your opinion in the comments.

Via | 9to5mac

SOS Apple Watch! Save your life thanks to your watch

Although Apple Watch is intended to help us improve our health and fitness by monitoring various parameters, there are other very interesting and useful features that can even save your life at certain times. This is what happened to a 22-year-old college student in Maryland when he had a traffic accident against another vehicle. In those moments, his iPhone was fired and he had no access .

And is that Casey Bennett was heading to class on April 6 when his Jeep collided with another car. Then, thanks to the seat belt and the airbags, their integrity was not in danger, but the iPhone went off. Fortunately, Bennet wore his Apple Watch and with a single tap managed to activate the SOS function that calls 911 to ask for help.


Casey was so grateful that he sent Apple CEO Tim Cook a letter explaining the event and how thanks to Apple's wearable and SOS function he saved his life. By the way, from Apple they responded to the note.

Apple added the SOS emergency feature in the watchOS 3 update of Apple Watch . In case you do not know, it does not even require you to enter a specific app or phone . Simply press and hold the on / off button, then two options will appear: turn off the device and the SOS function, which when slid calls the emergency services without complications.

In addition, the emergency function sends your current location and updates , facilitating the rescue effort to the maximum.

Via | 9to5Mac