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Free Limited Time Apps And Games - iPhone, iPod, iPad {July 20}

For iPhone users, there is no better a news than free apps to download. Well, CydiaPlus is passionate about everything related to Apple products, and therefore, we bring up-to-date info on iPhones, iPods, iPads, iTunes and more. And this list is incomplete without apps gone free! You bet, we keep refreshing this section every day with a number of iPhone apps gone free.

Go ahead and download your favorite iPhone apps. And developers, don’t forget to send your apps.
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The best iPhone 8 concept to date

Unless you live under a rock, you will know that the iPhone 8 will arrive in the coming months, well before 2017 ends if it is not delayed . It is rumored that this new device will incorporate an infinity screen and Touch ID integrated in the screen. Of course, not all rumors are reliable, but as the release date approaches more and more appear .

The iPhone 8 promises to be one of the most incredible devices ever seen and Apple fans can not be more excited about it . After a few years with a very similar design that was renewed with the iPhone 6, the next iPhone seems to incorporate one of the biggest changes in the history of the phone . All the rumors suggest that it will incorporate an OLED infinity screen, that means that the whole front of the phone will be an entire screen.

New concept more realistic than ever

The YouTube Channel: ConceptsiPhone , has picked up all the rumors that have been heard about this future iPhone and has joined them in a video how Apple would. This channel has done a great job with this video , even though some of the concepts will not really be on the final iPhone for obvious reasons.

In the first part of the video, we show in detail certain parts of the future phone , emphasizing the camera and volume control. The second part deals more with hard-to-add features with which Apple would innovate incredibly if it were to implement them, however this is very unlikely. If you prefer a video that looks like Apple before a conceptual video with impossible functions, we recommend stopping at El Segundo 30 .

Remember that there are going to stop rumors about iPhone 8 and we have no way of knowing if it will come out exactly as the rumors dictate. Anyway, you can be sure that it will not be too different from how it is rumored , something similar happened last year with the iPhone 7 and although Apple is determined to stop all leaks, this does not depend on them.

Source |

This is how you can find free Wi-Fi with Facebook

** Wi-Fi **, our eternal savior in difficult times (no data on the mobile). Everyone loves being able to use a Wi-Fi network instead of spending the megas of your rate . It is not for less knowing the freedom that gives us this when it comes to browsing content.

In any bar, every hour you can find several people asking for the key of the Wi-Fi , looking for a free network to be able to consult any data with the mobile. These people however do not know a detail of Facebook that can change their life forever .

Facebook and free Wi-Fi

Not long ago, the social network Facebook showed us the latest news, is a map of Wi-Fi networks within the application . This tool was only available in the United States, but it does very little that it has begun to reach the world for iPhone and Android .

We are talking about a function that can allow us to find free Wi-Fi quickly so that we can contact our family and friends without spending a single megabyte of mobile data. This function is great if we are traveling to a country where we still have to pay data roaming .

For this to work, we should just open the Facebook application on our iPhone , remember to be up to date with the latest version. Once opened, we activate the location to see nearby connections . Then we go to the settings of Facebook, click on " Search Wi-Fi " and we give " Activate Wi-Fi ", this way we will start to see a map that will show us all the places with an internet connection Free of charge.

In addition, we can click on these connections on the map to get information on these , so we can know exactly what trade is that Wi-Fi. Thanks to this tool, running out of megabytes when we are away from home will be much less painful .

Source |

You can now download the latest 32-bit compatible update, iOS 10.3.3

After a few months of uncertainty, in June we finally discovered the harsh reality, the consequences of the increasingly rapid technological evolution. At WWDC in San Francisco, Apple's big developer conference, the iOS 11 update was finally unveiled . With it in our devices, we have managed to see some of the functions we hoped for, details as simple and as important as dragging the elements between windows of multitasking.

But all this innovation has a price that should pay those who have not yet achieved and wanted to jump to the new generation of iPhone or iPad. And that price has been the cessation of compatibility with 32-bit hardware . The 64-bit processors were introduced with the iPhone 5S, so in theory, the owners have had enough time to upgrade. But it is true that not many models have been left without support.

From here, 32-bit users will be alone ...

For Apple, it is really important that consumers have a good image of the company. Therefore, it is essential for them to close the support of the products with certainty that they will still be able to take some time. They want the software to be so fluid, and so secure, that users do not feel forgotten until the time comes when they decide to switch to a more advanced model.

With that purpose, today comes the most likely update of these devices, iOS 10.3.3. A version specifically focused on solving all possible errors , which will also serve to prepare the latest models for their update to iOS 11. You no longer need to have any developer account, just go into Settings and download the software update through OTA.

And you, do you have a 32-bit or 64-bit device?

Via | MacRumors

This is the iOS 10 bug with which you can hack the iPhone using WiFi

The new version iOS 10.3.3 has just been released to the world by Apple. This update contains many minor bug fixes and improvements that we might not have noticed at first. However, these small misdeeds can cause major disasters .

With this version, Cupertino have solved a very serious mistake that allowed third parties to control your iPhone as if it were a toy.

Apple is not the only one affected

Not only iOS was a victim of bug CVE-2017-9417. Many other devices using a particular Broadcom chip - the BCM4354, 4358, and 4359, to be more precise - are also vulnerable to attack by malicious users with the necessary skills.

Among those affected are Apple, Samsung, HTC, Google and LG . However, each one will have to individually charge to solve this immense problem.

IOS, always above the competition

IOS is the safest mobile operating system, at least when facing Android, and this is partly thanks to the updates that Apple takes from time to time. Undoubtedly, this is one of the aspects in which iOS beats Android by thrashing .

Fortunately, Apple has solved this problem with the new version of iOS 10.3.3 , so if you're afraid that something might happen to your iPhone without your consent, we urge you to upgrade right now.

The update is now available for download on iPhone 5 and later . On the other hand, we must also remember that the second public beta of iOS 11 has already been published by Apple, so if you are curious and you like to be in the latest version always, you have the ability to upgrade from now.

Have you already upgraded to iOS 10.3.3? Leave us your answer in the comments!

Via | The Verge

What's new in iOS 10.3.3? Is it worth upgrading?

After several weeks of testing, Apple has finally released the iOS 10.3.3 version officially for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. After six beta versions , iOS 10.3.3 has come up with some very interesting new features.

You can download iOS 10.3.3 on your iPhone and iPad via OTA (Over The Air) by connecting your device to the Wi-Fi signal, or through iTunes connecting your terminal to a Mac or PC via the USB port.

Apparently, iOS 10.3.3 is focused on bug fixes, security enhancements and other minor updates , just like iOS 10.3.2. Is it worth upgrading to this new version for iPhone and iPad?

Upgrade to iOS 10.3.3 or wait for iOS 11?

The work of Apple's software engineers on iOS 10 is declining steadily as the Cupertino company continues to plan preparations for the official launch of iOS 11 in September.

But this does not mean that users should completely forget the new versions of iOS 10. In fact, we recommend you upgrade to iOS 10.3.3 ** without delay, and is that this version brings ** a very important security patch .

The new features included in iOS 10.3.3 address a vulnerability that allowed hackers to run a code on the Wi-Fi chip of many iOS devices and completely control the terminal. So yes, it is imperative to upgrade to iOS 10.3.3.


Other innovations include fixes on the lock screen for notifications, troubleshooting a problem in the Safari user interface, improvements in memory management in calls and other smaller minor updates. In addition, this version also offers three new stylish wallpapers .

Share your opinion with us in our comments section and in social networks. Will you upgrade your iPhone and / or iPad to iOS 10.3.3? Will you wait for iOS 11? We will wait for you!

A new leak of the iPhone 8 confirms our worst nightmare

We are clear that the iPhone 8 of the 10th anniversary (iPhone X, iPhone Edition, iPhone Anniversary) will come with OLED display, wireless charging system and a completely renovated design . What we still do not know is whether the Touch ID feature will be integrated under the screen.

The only thing we know about the issue is that Apple had problems with the implementation of the fingerprint sensor on the OLED screen. Since then, all types of photographs and videos have been leaked on different prototypes.

This time we came across several photographs of a prototype that confirms our suspicions, an iPhone 8 with the fingerprint sensor located on the back of the case .

Touch ID on the back? No Please

What you will see below are two photographs of the back cover of a supposed prototype of the iPhone 8. As you can see, there is a hole in the upper left corner destined for the location of the dual camera system of the terminal.

Just below the bite apple logo, this iPhone 8 prototype has another dial-shaped hole for Touch ID functionality , such as the Galaxy S8.

Alternatively, it has been speculating on the possibility that Apple incorporates a system of facial recognition in 3D to the new iPhone of the 10th anniversary, something that would take the reader of prints to the obsolescence. Is the next step to take? Which protection is safest, facial recognition or speech recognition?

Even if it were a real leak, which we do not know, we must take things with caution. It could be a prototype of the iPhone 8, yes, but it should not be the final prototype . Apple may have found a solution to the integration of the Touch ID on the OLED screen. On the other hand, the possibility of the fingerprint reader being located on a side button of the terminal is also shuffled. There are only a few months left to find out!

Source | BGR

Legendary Pokémon hits GO Pokémon on its first anniversary

Today Niantic has announced something that Pokémon GO players have been waiting for a long time: Legendary Pokémon lands in the game for iOS as part of the first anniversary celebration of the launch. Less than a month ago, Niantic launched a spectacular update that included new gyms and collaborative mode on the one hand, and on the other it implemented a tough way to punish cheaters . But this first anniversary promises much more.

What does the arrival of legendary Pokémon mean? In a very short time, the millions of Pokémon GO players will be able to discover, capture and share a series of extremely rare Pokémon we have seen that are tremendously powerful.

So, coaches around the world, the next time you go exploring your surroundings, be especially aware of the Gyms, because in them you can find the Legendary Eggs .

But it will not be an easy task: first you have to defeat a powerful Legendary Raid Boss that will make you sweat. Of course, remember that you are not alone, with the collaborative mode, it will be an arduous group task to achieve victory.

Sure you can not wait to get them ... but you're going to have to make the effort: it will not be until July 22 when this new thing is unlocked . As a special event, the first Legendary Egg will be unveiled at Grant Park during the GO Fest Pokémon in Chicago. When they do, the rest of the coaches in the world can begin our search.

If you want to follow the event , you can do it from Twitch and participate in social networks using the hashtag #PokemonGOFest.

Via | PokemonGoLive

This is how the iOS 11 file management system works

In the event of iOS 11 presentation, during the WWDC of 2017, Apple showed a much anticipated newness by the users of iPhone and iPad. We talk about the management of files through an application called Files .

Next we will share with you a new video that details the operation of each of the features of the iOS 11 Files application . Additionally, we will explain everything you need to know about file management.

Would you like to know what functions the new application for iOS 11 file management performs? Want to find out how it works? Do you want to know what kind of things you can do with this app? Look look!

IOS 11 Video File Management System

When you open the iOS 11 Files application, you will be taken to the Recent section, from which you can take a look at all the files, videos, photos and documents you have recently opened. Each of the elements has a thumbnail as a preview.

On the Browse tab the Files app will show you a side panel with locations, favorites, and tags. The app also offers support with iCloud Drive cloud services , so you'll have the opportunity to access your stored files there. On the other hand, you can also enable other storage platforms in the cloud like Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, etc.

In addition, the iOS 11 file management system has support for the new "drag and drop" feature , with which you can move files to favorites, locations, folders, labels and even the Dock .

If you keep your finger pressed on any file, a floating menu will appear with the following options: copy, duplicate, rename, move, delete, share, labels and information .

With Files you can open any document in a PDF view that will allow you to edit it with signs and freehand drawings.

This is a really useful and very complete application. You are late, but we will finally have a file management system on iOS 11.

Source | Apple Insider

Pokémon GO receives a new update

Niantic just announced a new update of Pokémon GO , which as you know, will be coming to the different App Store around the world in the coming hours.

Among its novelties, the most important is the possibility of feeding the Pokémon who are defending a Gym without having to go to it, which is a real relief for all those who do not live near them.

Full list of changes

  • Added icons to the Pokémon information screen to indicate how the Pokémon was captured.
  • Added the ability of the Coaches to turn the Fotodisco into a Gym after completing an Incursion.
  • Added ability of Coaches to send Berries to their Pokémon by defending Gyms through the Pokémon information screen when they are not around.
  • Added ability of Coaches to give Berries to Pokémon defending Gyms if their motivation meter is full.
  • Improved search functionality on the Pokémon Collection screen.
  • Fixed an issue where Coaches were unable to complete Incursions started before the time expired in the map view.
  • Fixed an issue where the Pokémon were not returned correctly to their Coach after defending a Gym.
  • Several bug fixes.

Similarly, in the game data have discovered several features that have not been officially mentioned, how the Legendary Raid Pass , which as its name indicates, will be necessary to be able to perform an Incursion of any Legendary Pokémon.

For the rest, I remind you that next Saturday July 22 will take place the ' Pokémon GO Fest ' in Chicago, which in addition to offering global rewards if their assistants manage to overcome a series of challenges, will be the place where Legendary Pokémon make their appearance For the first time in the history of the game.

Pokémon GO is available for free , is universal and compatible with the Apple Watch .

Pokémon GO (AppStore Link) Pokémon GO
Developer: Niantic, Inc.