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How to pass data from your old mobile to a new mobile

Having a new mobile is always an illusion and an adventure, but it is important not to lose anything along the way. We tell you how you can pass the data from your old mobile to a new one.

We all know the nice feeling of having a new mobile in our hands. Open the box, remove the plastic protectors, turn on the new phone for the first time. And we love to follow the first steps and use the phone for the first few days.

But it is also important not to lose the data that we had on our old mobile . Phone numbers, pictures, music, applications ... all that can be easily lost when moving from an old cell to a new cell phone. To avoid this, we want to explain the different ways of transferring data between phones.

Applications to pass data from your old mobile to the new

One of the most popular ways to transfer data between mobile phones is to use an application. The applications try to make this process simple , making it just run the application, connect the devices and transfer the data.

Independent applications to transfer data

On the one hand, we have independent applications that, in theory, work on any phone .

Manufacturers' applications for transferring data

On the other hand, manufacturers have also taken this kind of applications to encourage their devices . If we are going to move to a device of the following brands, these applications could come in handy:

Samsung | Samsung Smart Mobile Switch
Sony | Xperia Transfer Mobile
HTC | HTC Transfer Tool
Apple | Move to iOS

Tips for not losing data on mobile change

The cloud can be our best ally to not lose anything. Our Google account, for example, stores many things in the cloud, and leaves them on a new phone when we enter our account.

Each application does it in a different way . There are apps that store your data in the cloud and sync them when you sign up for a new device. And there are other applications that require us to do it manually, or in which it is not possible.

What do our accounts keep in the cloud?

Google keeps all this in our account:

  • Calendar
  • Chrome browsing history and passwords
  • Contacts
  • Application Data
  • Google Fit
  • Google Photos (if we have the cloud copy enabled)
  • Data of people
  • Google Drive
  • Gmail
  • Google Play Music
  • Google Play Movies
  • Google Keep
Other applications, such as Telegram, also save our messages and other data in the cloud . When entering with our account or phone number, the data will appear. And, thankfully, it is often customary for applications to copy the data in the cloud to retrieve it in these cases.

But be careful, because there are other applications like WhatsApp in which it is more complicated . Following the example of WhatsApp, we have to make sure to use the backup of Google Drive, not just the local backup. All this depends on each application, there is no general rule.

Amazon Improves Alexa Voice Tools

Amazon Alexa is an intelligent personal assistant developed by Amazon Lab126, and was popularized with the launch of Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Dot . The interaction with this device is produced by voice commands that allow us to play music, make to-do lists, set alarms, transmit podcasts, play audiobooks as well as provide meteorological, traffic and other real-time information such as news.

Alexa can also control several smart devices that are used as a home automation system, so it has been an important step in the simplest use of any home automation device. Most devices that integrate with Alexa allow you to connect the device using an activation word (such as Echo); Other devices (such as the Amazon application on iOS or Android) require the user to press a button to activate Alexa's listening mode. Currently, interaction and communication with Alexa is only available in English and German ... although it will reach more languages.

Alexa from Amazon takes advantage of a voice synthesis dialing language specially designed to help developers make the voice of Alexa sound more natural. Today, that language is being updated and adding five additional Alexa voice tools.

New SSML tools allow Alexa to whisper, change speech emphasis, take advantage of prosody, smear words as if they were swear words on cable TV, and read things in addition to written text, which could be useful for Alexa Can comment on the commitments or tasks developed in different Apps. The new tools have their own variables, allowing developers to play with a wide range of different options for Alexa's voice.

Innovation in Alexa's voice tools

The Whisper tool is quite simple; It just makes Alexa whisper. For its part the Expletive tool works the same way, but instead of speaking the dialogue more smoothly, Alexa simply emits a beep sound effect. For its part, Sub tool lets you define what Alexa will say in the Skill code, while the plain text will read something else. This can be useful for devices with screens, where a user can read content while Alexa speaks.

The case of the Emphasis tool comes in the none, moderate and strong variations, which are self-explanatory. There is also a reduced option for the Emphasis tool, which will reduce the emphasis on a word or phrase by speaking quieter and faster. The new final tool in the set, Prosody, allows developers to control the pitch and speed of Alexa's voice. When used with the volume tool, you can use it to customize the speech exactly as the developer wants it.

Alexa from Amazon offers more possibilities for developers

These new Alexa voice tools integrate seamlessly with the impressive existing catalog that Alexa's skill developers have at their disposal. Along with existing SSML tools, these new skills provide developers with an unprecedented level of freedom in personalizing Amazon's Alexa voice, and the opportunity to make it sound as human as possible. Interestingly, they are developing just after Google announced a new bot for voice synthesis, called Tacotron, which integrates and automates most of these new features and some others, through the magic of learning machines and neural networks.

Greetings from the depths of the bytes.

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