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Meizu MX6, features, specifications and price

The MX6 Meizu is one of the smartphones that appeals to the eye and it is powerful. The design presented in July this year and its hardware just love deserves praise, especially considering its price. This no doubt is a high-end smartphone at the price of a mid-range. It has a very well-designed metal housing, art connectivity and high performance in everyday use. The little analysis can be done of the new Meizu MX6 leaves only positive things to his credit. However, what most happy is to have so many things without claiming more complete account.


The Meizu MX6 is a team thought who need to work with the best, but do not want to pay a lot of money. Your hardware has nothing to envy the best large manufacturers versions, but quite the opposite. In general terms, the processor cores ten integrated, more 4GB of RAM, return to MX6 Meizu an unbeatable offer.

Along with the top-end model was launched by integrating a slightly lower 3GB of RAM, but with the same hardware as the most complete model. The better prepared version of the Meizu MX6 has a MediaTek Helio X20 processor cores at 2.3GHz ten and 4GB of RAM. A storage level, a total of 32GB and the possibility of expanding that capacity by using microSD cards offered.

The screen used is Full HD, being perhaps the only element that remains behind phones like the LG V10 or others that have been launched at competitive price and a very good performance. The screen size is comfortable, 5.5 inches. Meizu autonomy MX6 is quite good, having a battery of 3060mAh. It charges in just 75 minutes, which we found great although there are better systems.

The main camera is integrated and uses 12MP Sony IMX386 of sensor. The secondary camera has 5MP. Part of the technology integrated in this section is PDAF, dual LED and 4K video recording flash. In terms of connectivity the phone has 4G LTE teconologia, fingerprint sensor and USB Type C, therefore, it has the best on the market.


  • 5.5-inch screen Full HD
  • X20 processor 2.3GHz MediaTek Helio
  • 4GB of RAM and 32GB of internal memory
  • 12MP main camera with CMOS sensor Sony IMX386. 5MP secondary camera
  • 3060mAh battery
  • Flyme based operating system Android Marshmallow


It is expected that the price of Meizu MX6 is 270 usd at current exchange rates, that is, approximately 240 euros. Notwithstanding the foregoing, and versions have been in the US for $ 299, this is about 270 euros.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 lots of problems in China. It burns for unknown reasons

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall from all over the world. Except for China and some of which use different battery factory as well. But then he continued to work on the lot seemed to be no problem. Fire for unknown reasons. This information comes from online shopping sites such as which caused its customers.

Blast at China Galaxy Note 7

The event was the 25-year-old girl who ordered from online sites such. (With a receipt) from the injured fingers on both hands. The damage has spread to the MacBook, which was referred to compress the video as evidence.

When checking the IMEI code, I found that not a lot of trouble at all.

Initially, Samsung filed a request for proposals to bring the check back. But the trader refuses to believe that because the company. To offer a real happening. However, netizens have noticed that. Probably due to the use fake charger. But to do it without charging cable clips and pictures of the fire in any way.

BEST iOS 9.3.3 Jailbreak Cydia Tweaks

BEST iOS 9.3.3 Jailbreak Cydia Tweaks

Free Limited Time Apps And Games - iPhone, iPod, iPad {SEP 28}

For iPhone users, there is no better a news than free apps to download. Well, CydiaPlus is passionate about everything related to Apple products, and therefore, we bring up-to-date info on iPhones, iPods, iPads, iTunes and more. And this list is incomplete without apps gone free! You bet, we keep refreshing this section every day with a number of iPhone apps gone free.

Go ahead and download your favorite iPhone apps. And developers, don’t forget to send your apps.
Make sure to bookmark this page for daily dose of free iPhone app.

Disclaimer: All apps included in this list are free at the time of posting. We’re not responsible for price

Chapay HD
Download @
App Store
Developer: vadim bashurov
Price: Free 

Apple will correct Backup on iOS iTunes 10

Recently, a safety investigation determined that backups of iOS 10 are much more vulnerable than in previous versions of Apple 's mobile operating system.

Backups of iTunes, according to Elcomsoft, are relatively easy to cra
ck. In fact, they said they are 2,500 times easier to hack than iOS 9. A serious security issue iOS 10.

Fortunately, Apple knows the problem and is preparing the release of a new update (probably iOS 10.0.3) to correct these problems encryption backups in iTunes.

The Cupertino company has recently released a statement:


Additionally, Apple added:


The system password protection algorithms iOS PBKDF2 10 is old. Moreover, the algorithm used in IOS 9 is called SHA256. And according to security company Elcomsoft 10,000 the same passwords are used in 30% of accounts. This would allow a hacker to carry out an attack on iTunes backup of a user and obtain important information such as bank accounts, personal information, addresses, and even health data with HealthKit.

So you know guys / girls, if you want to improve your safety is best to set an alphanumeric password (letters and numbers) the greatest possible number of digits in your Apple account.

How to Stop Update iOS on iTunes

When you connect your iPhone or iPad to a computer with iTunes and an update is available iOS you a pop -up notification alerting it and appears asking if you want to update the device. If you have chosen to accept the software update will begin downloading and installed on the device.

If after accepting the update of iOS through iTunes for whatever reason do not want to install, do not worry, because there is a possibility to stop the process. However, to stop updating iOS in iTunes you should hurry, because if you think you may be much too late.

If you doubt for too long after clicking on the Update button in iTunes it might be too late, since everything depends on the time of downloading the update. Otherwise the installation process will be completed updating the device.

To download and update iOS on iTunes

After starting the process of downloading and update your device to the latest version of iOS it is necessary to act quickly to stop if they want to. To do this you must follow these steps:

  • Click the Download button in the upper right corner of iTunes, the icon with a small arrow pointing down.
  • Search software update the device in question (iPhone or iPad) and quickly click on the "x" to stop the download and the whole process of updating iOS.

If the progress bar update iOS on iTunes going to stand've got to stop it . Then you can select the item in the list of downloads and remove it.

If you arrive late and you have to let the update you must know that the most recent versions of iOS usually allow a downgrade to the previous version is completed.

Sonos: the New Bluetooth Speakers Apple Store

A small device just joined the family of Apple accessories. The Cupertino company seems to be using the pull of your Bluetooth AirPods to start selling the Sonos wireless speakers.

The Sonos speakers have had compatibility with Apple Music in beta since last year, and this officially from 2016.

The online Apple Store will begin selling the Sonos Play: 1 by $ 199 and the Sonos Play: 5 from $ 499 today, and physical stores Apple Store commercialize these accessories from the 5th of October.


The company was proud of its partnership with Apple and would announce that any user who buys a Sonos system on the Apple Store or the Apple website between now and December 31 will receive a gift card with 3 months free for Apple Music. What better way to enjoy some Bluetooth speakers? πŸ˜‰

The Sonos speakers may be ideal for AirPods Apple Bluetooth companion. Because sometimes it is better to enjoy music in private, but sometimes it's more fun "share" with your neighbors your favorite temazos. And the Sonos speakers offer great sound quality.

As mentioned above, the speakers Sonos Play: 1 are available for $ 199 and speakers Sonos Play: 5 have a cost of $ 499. What are your favorites?

Best Screen Protector for your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus

If you already have in your possession an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus you will surely like gold and want to protect it so that nothing happens. Recently we show you a selection with the best bumpers for the new Apple smartphone , but today we show some guards to protect the screen of your iPhone 7 or 7 Plus small bumps and scratches.

Today, even though the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus have recently arrived on the market, you can find a large selection of accessories. Among them are protective covers, bumpers, bases load or screen savers, among other things.

And it is precisely the latter that bring us here today. So if you are looking for a screen saver for your new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus we invite you to keep reading, because then we show some options with great value for money.

Protect the screen of your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus!

Protector with installation tool ESR

This protector is manufactured by ESR tempered glass has a high hardness (9H) and is available for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. This type of protectors are more resistant plastic protectors. In addition, ESR protector for iPhone 7 features an installation tool to make it much easier to put on and it is centered on the first.

Pack two OMOTON iPhone 7 Cases

This pack has two tempered glass protective screen for iPhone 7 great quality at a very affordable price. It has a 9H hardness and a thickness of only 0,26mm, which makes the sensitivity of the screen is not seen not at all affected by the protector.

OMOTON also has a protection pack for iPhone 7 Plus, the model with 5.5-inch screen.

Buy | Amazon

Case with Screen Protector Mobilyos

This pack for iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus is perfect to protect both the screen and the back of the device. It has a transparent protective and ultra resistant Compatible protector tempered glass with 3D Touch.

Comb Jelly screensaver

This type of guard is something different from what we are used to seeing as it is a screensaver full 3D tempered glass that is not all clear, but the shape of the smartphone in white or black color. The protector has a thickness of 0.2mm, 9H hardness and 99% HD clarity that preserves the color and brightness of the original screen.

Buy | Amazon
These are just some models screen saver for both iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus currently be found on the market. As you can see they are very resistant protective, high quality and priced most affordable.

And you, which one would you choose? What kind of protection do you prefer to display your new iPhone 7 or 7 Plus? Tell us in the comments!

Using keyboard shortcuts iPhone and iPad

Did you know that you can use keyboard shortcuts on your iPhone and iPad? It's an ideal way to give your fingers a break!

If you're bored of writing endless sentences, complicated names, email addresses or convoluted you will be interested to know these keyboard shortcuts that you recommend from iPadizate.

And thanks to iCloud, your shortcuts are automatically synced between all your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Mac devices.

How to create shortcuts on iPhone and iPad

1. Go to Settings.

2. Click on General.

3. Select Keyboard.

4. Access Replacing text.

5. Make tap on the "+" button.

6. In the "Phrase" field , type the phrase you want to send.

7. In the "Shortcut" field type keyboard shortcut.

8. Finally, press Save.

Thus, now whenever you type the keyboard shortcut you've used in this tutorial, replacing the selected phrase appears that keyboard shortcut. Just press the space bar or the submit button to complete the sentence.

Adding the Apple symbol as shortcut

1. Copy this symbol: 

2. Open Settings.

3. Enter General.

4. Press on keyboard.

5. Make tap Surrogate text.

6. Press the + button and copy the symbol to insert the logo apple Apple.

Now you will be able to write with the keyboard shortcut you want on your iPhone and your iPad and insert the Apple logo how anytime. For the sake of Apple and your devices, use these new super powers with restraint and responsibility. (Yes, that was a lousy attempt at humor!) πŸ˜‰

What are the keyboard shortcuts that you normally use on your iPhone and your iPad? We use "iP" and "iPh" for "iPhone" and "iPad". We write these words very often! πŸ™‚

Saving a Web as PDF in iBooks iOS 10

In iOS 10 users now have the ability to print your documents in PDF, but there is another very interesting new trick: save PDFs in iBooks. Fast and easy.

This is a really useful feature when it comes to saving time while surfing the net. While you can save web pages as favorites in IOS 10 you can also save them in PDF format as books in iBooks to get everything more organized.

Here we show, in a simple tutorial, how to save PDFs in iBooks iOS 10.

Saving PDF in iBooks

The first thing you need to do, obviously, is to find a website that interests you convert PDF format to then save it in iBooks .

Once you have found the website that you wanted, you have to press the action button on the top right corner of Safari, the web browser native Apple iPhone and iPad. This button is shaped like a square with an arrow pointing up.

In the action pane button you will find all kinds of extensions applications to share content. All you have to do is look for the "Save PDF in iBooks" option by sliding your finger left on the screen.

After pressing on the extension panel action button you see how the website automatically converts to a PDF file and saved to iBooks as if by magic. We are facing a new feature of iOS 10 has passed quite unnoticed but which is very useful.

On the other hand, and finally, it is also possible (and always has been) save any PDF you find the net with the "Open in iBooks" option that appears in the upper right corner of each PDF in Safari.