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Kaspersky Free Antivirus 20 Year Free Download!

The company has celebrated its 20th anniversary with the launch of Kaspersky Free for worldwide users. After spending more time developing and researching over half a year and a half. And of course, that free antivirus. It may not be comparable to the paid version. But the effectiveness of anti-virus is almost no different.

Kaspersky Free

For features that cut out, it is Parental Control, Online Payment Protection, and Secure Connection (VPN) for home users, it is not necessary. Or if you want to use this feature, it just pay $ 50 (about 1,673 baht). Special that is different from the other camp is that Kaspersky is not distracting ads, nor does it collect user data.

It also advertises that Kaspersky Free uses a lot less machine resources. And stand on the same database as the waste of money. File Anti-Virus, Web Anti-Virus, IM Anti-Virus and Mail Anti-Virus. If you are interested, please visit the Kaspersky website.

Source - eugene.kaspersky

Xiaomi Mi 5X, the best of the mid-range is official

Xiaomi is a manufacturer that has been in the limelight for years. A manufacturer that has become in its own right one of the main players in the mobile market. Especially his fame has been achieved with the range of entry and a half, in the high range it is costing him more work to make a dent. That is why it has been confirmed the Xiaomi Mi 5X is good news.

The first thing to say is that we are facing a terminal that is closer to the high end than to the low. In fact, according to the manufacturer itself you have said that share some components with the Xiaomi Mi 6.

About Xiaomi Mi 5X we have already seen the renders and so today what we have known are the features and specifications of the new mid-range.

One of the points that Xiaomi emphasizes is the photographic section, since this terminal has the same sensors as the Xiaomi Mi 6. This is one of the points we say that shares the Xiaomi Mi 5X with his high-end brother. However, this does not mean that the quality of the shots taken does not necessarily have to be identical since we do not know if the lenses or the post-processing of the shot are the same.

Also the sound section of the terminal is a point taken care of by the Chinese manufacturer. It has included an audio enhancement with DHS calibration and own amplifier.

Specifications of Xiaomi Mi 5X

  • Dimensions 155.4 x 75.8 x 7.3 mm
  • Weight 165 g
  • 5.5 inch screen at Full HD resolution
  • Pixel Density 401 pixels per inch
  • Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 625
  • 4GB RAM
  • Operating system MIUI 9
  • Storage 64GB
  • Dual camera cameras, both 12 megapixel
  • 3080 mAh battery
  • Other DHS Calibration for your own audio and amp
  • Departure date August 1
  • Starting price190 euros

Free Limited Time Apps And Games - iPhone, iPod, iPad {July 26}

For iPhone users, there is no better a news than free apps to download. Well, CydiaPlus is passionate about everything related to Apple products, and therefore, we bring up-to-date info on iPhones, iPods, iPads, iTunes and more. And this list is incomplete without apps gone free! You bet, we keep refreshing this section every day with a number of iPhone apps gone free.

Go ahead and download your favorite iPhone apps. And developers, don’t forget to send your apps.
Make sure to bookmark this page for daily dose of free iPhone app.

Disclaimer: All apps included in this list are free at the time of posting. We’re not responsible for price

The new USB 3.2 promises more speed than ever, Will integrate iPhone, iPad and Mac?

Good news for users of technological gadgets: if you despair of the speed of data transmission of your USB 2.0 and look forward to increasingly integrate the USB 3.0 type, now from the group of USB 3.0 integrated by manufacturers of the size Apple, HP, Intel, Microsoft and others, have introduced the USB 3.2, which will leave the rest in future models .

With this update of the USB slots, it will allow a higher speed of data transmission for the devices that integrate it thanks to the multi-channel operations , something that already allow the USB-C but now reach the standard USB.

In this way, speeds of 5Gb / s can be achieved in two channels or even 10Gb / s. To be understood, double that of USB-C cables. In addition, it will be compatible with the older USB, although logically will not reach those transfer ratios. From a real point of view, the speed will be 20% higher than the USB 3.0 .

We do not know when the integration of USB 3.2 in computers and devices will be effective , although we will have more information during the USB Developer Days 2017 that will take place this year.

The question we ask is whether the iPhone, iPad or Mac will integrate this new feature . Since although Apple is part of this development group, the reality is in Cupertino continue to bet on technologies such as Thunderbolt or Lightning, which have a large data transfer but do not have the character of universal to be able to integrate with other devices Marks other than those of the bite apple.

Therefore, although on paper our terminal has a great speed, at the moment of truth, between adapters and such, the transfer is inferior.In fact, the new and brand new iPad Pro transfers data to a computer at the traditional speed Of the USB 2.0.

Via | Macrumors

WhatsApp promises to be much more profitable, should we be afraid?

WhatsApp is looking for new employees for really important jobs in the company acquired by Facebook. WhatsApp is looking for employees related to a new business model: they are looking for a product manager and a product manager for monetization .

Since its inception, WhatsApp has never been an instant messaging platform focused on providing great benefits. Even the proposal to request € 1 a year to users ended up being declined .

After Mark Zuckerberg released $ 19 billion to acquire the world's most popular instant messaging application, Facebook needed something in return. I needed WhatsApp to start generating revenue. And, finally, it seems that the change could come soon.

Here are four new ways WhatsApp could monetize , and as a user you should be afraid of these changes ...

New products

Jobs that WhatsApp is asking for indicates that the company may be planning to introduce new products or upgrade the existing product with new ideas for development, innovation and other functions.

From the recent incorporation of the states to the integration of GIFs , through the improvements of the group chats and much more. There are many exclusive premium features that WhatsApp could use to monetize your application.


Of all the new forms of business, this is one of the worst. Since WhatsApp have always been against to implement ads in their messaging application, but with Facebook in command this could change. The social network uses all kinds of hidden advertising in your system .

These are the data on the benefits provided by Facebook ads over the last few years in both the desktop version and the mobile platform:

In fact, WhatsApp already shares your data with Facebook , what stops them to bombard you with advertising related to your tastes?

Subscription template

WhatsApp could also choose to follow a subscription model as many mobile applications on the market already do. Paying € 1 a year is not a very high cost , it is affordable and would ensure great stability on the platform for a long time. I am sure that some of you would be transferred to Telegram, but the vast majority would remain in WhatsApp.


On March 17, 2016, the Financial Times was launched on WhatsApp. Users only had to enter a number and a bot offered them daily articles for reading . Any company in the world would be interested in this model of monetization. And in many cases it would be very useful!

So far, WhatsApp has always been free, perhaps one of the factors that have made the platform into the ultimate instant messaging application. Will this change soon? Get ready, monetization is coming to WhatsApp.

Via | TechPoint

5 nasty surprises you'll find if you go from iOS to Android

IOS is our preferred system, that is much more than clear, of course it is not perfect, it would lack more. IOS has a few bugs that can surely be improved , and although a server somewhat fanatic by the apple believes that having blocked the ability to pass songs from iPhone to PC is a security improvement that Android lacks, does not mean that there are no bugs .

But of course, there are always people who have problems with five problems, such as iOS can not be modified (something that I have never personally done with Android), and based on these problems want to migrate from your iPhone to an Android phone ( Probably Chinese, because in price quality they are the best).

What does this mean? If there are people who decide to switch from their wonderful iPhone of minimum 750 euros to a simple Android phone of at least 150 euros, it means that the Google operating system (Internet search engine, I've linked it) is doing some good things. So, to curb this wave of migrations from iPhone to Android, we are going to make a small compilation of very unpleasant surprises that you will find if you switch from iOS to Android, and I do not say it, as the Reddit users themselves say.

Read this before selling your iPhone 7 for less than it cost you

I repeat that I like iOS and I do not hate Android . Each operating system has its advantages and disadvantages, but even though Android has enough good things, we're just going to tell you the disadvantages , so a subjective view of the system and in this way do not really influence your final decision.


Maybe iOS is not very customizable, but when there is a new version of the system, it is advertised with hype so that even the last person with an iPhone finish updating to the new version. On the other hand, Android is quite discreet with its new versions. But not only that, depending on the mobile you have, you will be surprised to know that there is no way to upgrade to the latest version of Android , leaving you stuck in an obsolete firmware with your mobile of 700 euros.

We do not talk about that at the beginning if they can update in a few years the support, we speak that from the beginning the support is limited . And in the case of phones that do update, they will only get updates for about 2 or 3 years, while iPhone have support for 4, 5 or even 6 generations of phones.


That you can only access your iPhone using iTunes when you use a computer is not a fad of the company , is a security feature that lacks Android. Being Android the main target of hackers by the simple fact that it is easier to hack, it also influences that you can not install new updates because they simply are not compatible with the older phones. Apple nevertheless puts all its effort and dedication in that the people update their telephones, of this form iOS always remains almost impenetrable.

Android phones follow Apple

Virtually all Android phones are in Apple's queue . Maybe some company makes some more innovative component that does not own (or use) Apple, however, in design, materials and many functions, always copy Apple.

Without going any further, the Meizu Pro 6 Plus has got rid of the traditional navigation buttons that have always used Android, leaving only the Home button. Even in this same mobile have managed to incorporate a functional 3D Touch, just like Apple .

Worst service and technical support

Is your mobile broken? Pay your repair and within 1 to 7 days you can go and look for it. No doubt, Android users know what this is. Of course, if your iPhone crashes you'll have to pay for the repair, but if you go to the Apple Store, you'll see how they put all their efforts into repairing it right there and making you feel comfortable. In many cases, if your iPhone is under warranty or covers the Apple Care protection plan, you can get a new mobile phone being left the broken .

Also, if you decide to repair your Android phone in an unofficial store, maybe you also put unofficial components . Which means that perhaps your replaced broken screen is not official and has less quality or bugs in it. In my personal case, a close relative who repaired the screen of his phone, left enough glue visible on the outside of the terminal, right at the joints of the front glass.

Slow Android

Your new Android surely works beautifully, but over the years, it stops being so good. The failures and slowness are coming and you realize that your high-end phone works quite badly . Then come applications that fail again and again with no reason or solution to the eye more than formatting the terminal, something that often solves nothing.

Then we have the iPhone, a fast terminal from the first day to (realistically) its penultimate year. Even comparing them when they are both new, Apple always takes the fastest phone on the market . No matter what year it is or what time we are, Apple always brings out the best terminal of the moment.

You've already seen nasty surprises you can find if you decide to leave your iPhone for an Android . I love my audience a lot and for that reason I do not want you to take a dislike to change, not to say that I have not warned you. Still, you may like all of the above, no one is going to mess with your tastes and fully respect your opinion.

And would you currently change iOS for Android?

Source |

Note : This article has been written as humorous review and in response to our friends from Andro4All 😉

The iPhone continues to attract Android users as if it were a magnet

The latest data collected by CIRP (Consumer Intelligence Research Partners) between April and June show how Apple and its iPhone continue to attract a large number of Android users to iOS . Much more than in the last 12 months.

CIRP also reports that the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus have added a total of 81% of all iPhone sales (in the United States). 47% are part of the iPhone 7 and 34% for the iPhone 7 Plus.

75% of iOS users have upgraded their device coming from the iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and iPhone SE models. And here comes the interesting fact, 20% of survey consumers have mentioned that they have switched from an Android terminal to an iOS device .

Android users: welcome to iOS!

While in Spain this data would be completely different (the smartphone market is totally dominated by Android), in the United States 2 out of 10 new users come from Android . Almost nothing!

Be that as it may, this is still good news for Apple, which has seen sales of its smartphones continue to grow and grow every quarter. In addition, the company has managed to attract a high percentage of Android users.

So far, users coming from Android accounted for between 14% and 17% of iPhone purchases . Now, with 20%, Apple has reached a new record by removing users to the competition.

The data is overwhelming, and much more so if we consider that the iPhone 8 has not yet hit the market and is causing great excitement. Despite this, iOS has continued to attract a lot of Android users . As if it were a magnet!

And you? Have you used an Android smartphone? Do you plan to switch to iOS? Or, conversely, will you switch from iOS to Android? We are waiting for you in the comments!

Source | BGR

The Apple Watch Series 3 could be presented in September next to the iPhone 8

Quanta Computer has been the leading manufacturing company in charge of manufacturing Apple Watch since the original wearable began its production process in late 2014.

The company has also completed the manufacturing process for the Apple Watch Series 2 in 2016. And now, according to rumors, Apple will again have Quanta Computer for the mass production of the Apple Watch Series 3 .

If rumors are true, the bite apple company would introduce the new Apple Watch Series 3 in September of this year 2017 next to the iPhone 7s, the iPhone 7s Plus and the iPhone 10th anniversary.

Will we see 3rd generation Apple Watch later this year?

It is speculated that Quanta Computer revenues will increase by the end of the year thanks to the supply of laptops and servers from the supplier company. But the Apple Watch Series 3 would be the main source of profits .

On the other hand, analysts and market experts believe the Compal company would also become another maker of Apple wearables this year, but not manufacturing the Apple Watch Series 3, but the models of previous generations. This would leave Quanta a good time frame.


Rumors indicate that the Apple Watch Series 3 would run "in the fall." But, by the end of the year, Apple is always presenting its new products at a conference in September . For this reason, we believe the Apple Watch Series 3 could be presented alongside the iPhone 7s , iPhone 7s Plus and iPhone 8 (iPhone X, iPhone Edition, iPhone Anniversary ...).

The Apple Watch Series 3 is expected to have slight design changes, a more powerful processor, longer battery life, and mobile data connectivity . What about the camera, do you think it will have?

Source | Macrumors

The third public beta of iOS 11 is now available

Yesterday, the developers received on their devices a new ration of software in the testing phase to get the tickles. The fourth compilation for developers of iOS 11 came to the iPhone and iPad compatible with some news and solutions for the errors that have been appearing in the previous versions. Among the most notable changes are, for example, the redesign of the Notes and Reminders icons, or the new Touch ID unlock screen.

It has also been seen how the notifications have been retouched again to recover some of the gestures that were available in the version of iOS 10. You can see more information on this and other changes right here , however, if you want to try it for yourselves Before you tell it, then we have very good news for you.

Users of the public beta, you can launch to the new version

Registered users in the public beta testing program of Apple can now download the new update , which in this case would be the third of iOS 11. You only have to go to Settings and enter the Software Update section, where you can start the installation. If you are not registered, then you only have to follow this small tutorial that we leave so that you can enter the test without problems.

Remember, of course, that in case you have a problem with your device while using preliminary software, you may lose the right to the warranty. So be careful when participating in these programs, and if you do, try to have a backup copy of your iPhone or iPad. It sure saves you a hurry when you need it most.

And you, have you downloaded the public beta? What do you think iOS 11?

According to Trump, iPhone made in USA is a reality

One of the biggest challenges for the US president could come true very soon. And is that in the words of Donald Trump himself for the Wall Street Journal, Apple would be planning to build three "large, large, large" factories on US soil . According to Trump, they are not gossip, but what Tim Cook would have assured him recently.

It is said that Cook would have promised to build three large and beautiful plants, but little more on the subject: we do not know when, or where or from which part of the production will be commissioned . As Donald Trump tells it:


At the moment, since Apple nobody has spoken. However, Apple has been investigating the economic viability of building its equipment and gadgets in the United States instead of doing so in other countries. So what at first sounded outlandish, may be a reality. And is that Trump has veiled threat to Apple and other macro companies with taxing their products with a tax that would raise them up to 45% , which means that the accounts have to come out yes or yes.

Following those pressures, Apple asked its suppliers Foxconn and Pegatron if it would be possible to start manufacturing the iPhone in the United States . While the latter rejected the proposal, Foxcomm took the floor and planned to build a TFT-LCD factory and even speculate with Wisconsin as a location.

To date, Cook had alluded to the economy of scale and the experience of Chinese manufacturers to opt for the Asian country over America, as it has been losing manufacturing skills, so it no longer has the Infrastructures sufficient to undertake such undertakings.

Via | Macrumors