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The first jailbreak compatible with iOS 13 is now official

The removal of software restrictions on iOS 13 devices to install applications outside the App Store is now possible thanks to checkra1n , the first jailbreak compatible with the latest version of the iPhone and iPad operating system.

The novelty has been presented by the developer and hacker Axi0mX , better known for presenting “checkm8”, a technique that allowed to remove a vulnerability and thus release almost all the Apple A series CPUs up to the Bionic A11 chip.

Checkra1n is the first jailbreak compatible with iOS 13
According to a 9to5mac publication, the "checkm8" method used by Checkra1n is considered incompatible since it is based on a hardware vulnerability. That is why Apple cannot simply patch it with a software update, and that is precisely why it is compatible with the latest iOS 13 update.

Specifically, the new tool, still available in beta , is capable of jailbreaking on almost all Apple devices between iPhone 5s and iPhone X with iOS 12.3 and later. While o…
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The best tricks to save battery in each of your Apple devices

Regardless of the device we are using, it always comes to mind that "what can I do to make the battery last longer?" . Today the technology used by the batteries is stagnant until the new systems become accessible and can be introduced to consumer electronics, so Apple plays while optimizing the consumption of its components with the same possibilities to offer better results. And this is why we bring you a series of tips that you can apply to your Apple devices to improve battery life. We will not extend, only one or two per device, but that can make a difference at the end of the day.

Improving the battery life of iPods.
Nothing is more frustrating than running out of battery when you are listening to music on public transport, or on the way to work, or just taking a walk on the street, so we bring you a couple of tricks to make your iPods' batteries last longer .

· If you are given to use the equalizer of your music player, stop doing so. The use of the equalizer mak…

Maybe you haven't noticed but Facebook has changed its logo

Companies tend to update their brand from time to time to maintain the freshness of their identity and prevent their image, which is so important today, is anchored in the past. On other occasions, the reason for the change is much more concrete, such as to establish a separation between the company's business parts. The most recent example of this last case is the change that Facebook has made.

Indeed, Facebook has changed its logo. However, and although it can lead to confusion, the image of the social network has not changed, which had already undergone some slight update not long ago, but it is the company that has changed its identity. From now on, and with the simplest logo, Facebook as a company will have a completely different identity in aesthetics from that used in the homonymous social network, distinguishing the company from the product.

According to the company, which has presented its new image in a press release , the reason for this transformation is to increase t…

Now you can watch Netflix trailers directly on WhatsApp

With everything there is to share on WhatsApp it is not uncommon for the courier company to refine the options to do so from time to time without leaving the application. To do this, WhatsApp takes into account those apps that make users addicted and makes updates like today!

In this sense, information shared by Wabetainfo , states that as happened with YouTube last year, very soon we will be able to watch Netflix trailers directly on WhatsApp . As a result, users of the instant messaging system will be able to share and access the progress without leaving the application.

Currently, WhatsApp can play videos from the trailers of Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Streamable and now Netflix.

From now on, talking about the series of the moment or our favorite scene will be more graphic from WhatsApp. All this magic will happen through Picture-in-Picture mode . However, you cannot expect much more.

Wabetainfo clarifies that only progress can be seen and if you want to see the full content it…

Can you bathe with the AirPods Pro in a pool? Extreme endurance test

The AirPods Pro have arrived with striking features and quite practical, given the type of activity for which they are usually used. As with any Apple device, there is plenty of who wants to test the quality of the features they offer and challenge them to the fullest.

But this time, it has not been its praised audio technology that has been tried, but its water resistance specifications . The brave, has been the administrator of the YouTube channel Tech Santos , who at all risk has exposed the headphones to different depths.

As read in the Apple specifications , the AirPod Pro offer a degree of water resistance with IPX4 certification, which indicates that while they can receive water in all directions, they should not be submerged or exposed to much pressure.

Ignoring the warnings of the children of the bitten apple, Santos recreates three situations in which the AirPods Pro are exposed to water. Can you imagine the result?

Situation 1

In the first case, the youtuber recreates a sc…

Xiaomi presents the Xiaomi Mi Watch, one of the most shameless copies of the Apple Watch that are remembered

Xiaomi has finally launched its first Mi Watch smartwatch, along with a Mi CC9 Pro smartphone with up to five cameras. The smart watch of the Chinese company is clearly inspired by the Apple Watch, has the same rectangular design with curves in its corners and the classic Apple digital crown.

However, and as usual in Xiaomi products, however much the Mi Watch resembles the Apple Watch, its price is much more affordable.

In this article we will talk about all the features, hardware and technical specifications of the new Xiaomi smartwatch, the Mi Watch.

Xiaomi Mi Watch: design, features and technical specifications

The Xiaomi Mi Watch will hit the market with quite powerful hardware components, especially at the battery level. The Xiaomi smart watch is manufactured with a ceramic housing and a frame of a very resistant aluminum alloy.

As we mentioned previously, its design is inspired by the Apple Watch, with very similar sizes, rectangular in appearance, with a digital crown a…

Call of Duty: Mobile has a Halloween event, these are all the details!

Call of Duty: Mobile has been one of the successes of this 2019, remember that it has been the most downloaded mobile game in history reaching 100 million downloads in its first week. Activision will not miss this opportunity and the first major Call of Duty: Mobile event is already underway .

On the occasion of Halloween there are many games that take advantage to launch special events, one case is Pokemon GO , and another case is being Call of Duty: Mobile .

Everything you need to know about the Call of Duty: Mobile Halloween event
The first Call of Duty: Mobile event arrives with many free prizes and rewards for participating for a limited time, it will be available until November 1st .

These are all the rewards you will receive if you play Call of Duty: Mobile before the end of the month:

Free reward for logging in . Just by logging into the game during this event, you will receive a free Artic.50 sniper rifle decorated with Bat Camo.
A creepier confrontation . Standoff, a belove…