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Apple has registered a new patent in the integration of the fingerprint scanner on the screen of its smartphone

Apple is inexorably moving towards a complete failure of the classic Home button on the iPhone and iPad, and the mechanical transformation of the touch key into the current флагмане is just an intermediate step in this process.

Today Apple has obtained the patent for "ultrasonic fingerprint scanner", which is a technology that allows reading a single papillary drawing of lines at any point on the touch screen. The document notes that the company will not only Stop a sensor, but to make the scanner completely mixed with the screen, in this case the user will be easier to work with.

In the iPhone fingerprint sensor is located in the Home button. Transferring a block дактилоскопического in the area of ​​the screen gives you more freedom when designing the design of the smartphone. The manufacturer can completely relinquish physical control organs on the front of the housing.

The patent indicates that the built-in ultrasound screen of the prints may be useful for faster authentication, particularly if the user's "fingers will be wet, dirty or carry pieces of food." When this in the accuracy of the analyzes will not affect the force with which the user will bring the finger to the screen.

The implementation of this possibility in the case of gadgets will meet the old dream of Apple's design director, Jonathan Membrillo: free the iPhone with the screen, including the entire front surface of the smartphone. Keep in mind that according to rumors, next year Apple has programmed radical change of the appearance of the badge.

As previously reported, the screen of the iPhone 8 may take the entire front panel, in this sense, the Home button, is integrated into the screen. Providing OLED screens for the new smartphone is probably going to be Samsung.

AirPods vs. Samsung Gear IconX: 5 Advantages of Apple Wireless Headphones

It is very interesting to see how different a approach can be to the application of the same idea from the point of view of different companies. Take the latest wireless headsets from Apple and Samsung. As a product of the same - cordless headset compact with its case-charger. But how do these two products differ?

Apple's approach to the wireless headset application is quite simple. It is based on the best sellers in the world of EarPods headphones, cut the cables from them, we make a small and elegant carrying case and friendship device with Siri. The recipe is simple, and the effect of the beautiful, much lighting in the press, a heated debate on the subject of the possible loss of one (or both) of the headphones.

In Samsung work differently. In the device of tradition "have introduced" all available technologies. Finally Gear IconX - not just for headphones, but rich in fitness-tracker functions with step measurement function and heart rate, touch surfaces on each handset for music control, yes, even With 4 gigabytes of internal memory.

In the publication of the RG compared the wireless headset of Samsung Gear IconX with AirPods. We offer five of the advantages of the Apple product, which are revealed in direct comparison between devices.

1. Design

Apple has always been strong in the design side and the direct comparison of the Samsung Gear IconX with AirPods confirms it. The Samsung product has started industrial style and looks pretty блекло in the background of elegant white Apple drops with agile shape. Although it is quite classic in design AirPods a fresh and even futuristic look.

2. Easy to connect

To connect AirPods it is not necessary to press anything, change, enter the configuration and perform other absurdities of the action. Simply unlock the phone, activate the Bluetooth, and bring smartphone to the airbag briefcase. All in all, now headphones totally ready to work and they will connect to all devices with this Apple ID automatically.

3. Runtime

Both solutions require frequent charging in комплектном case with integrated accumulator. Apple does not лукавила on autonomous working time AirPods. A charge of each of the headphones runs for 5 hours. With this case offers even more than 19 hours, in total is 24 hours of work. This lack of 4-5 days of listening to music.

Samsung headphones with the lack of work in hours of road at one end. Influences the excess of "навороченность" IconX: integrated fitness-tracker with step measurement function and heart rate, touch surfaces on each handset, 4 gb of internal memory.

4. Automatic pause

A fundamental element to guarantee the "magic" of AirPods, are infrared sensors, which define the position inside the ear. That is, they automatically put the music on pause, if you pull one of the headphones, then automatically include the playback. AirPods are perfectly suited for motorists / companies / athletes, since each headset can be used separately as монофонической from the headphones.

5. Compatibility with Siri

Due to the fact that in the body of the AirPods there is no button, all control is done with the help of google now voice. To call Siri you need to hit twice on the handset, after dictating the command you need. With these actions you can accept and reject an incoming call, make higher / lower sound, as well as pause the music. It is worth giving credit to the developers: Siri understands what she wants, in any person, even for the noisiest.

Despite the similarity of format, are completely different products intended for very different from the audience. Are you an Apple fan and want an excellent headset to your iPhone 7? Your choice - AirPods 12 000 rubles official retail. You like sports, watch your health and like to race under favorite themes - Samsung Gear IconX can become your faithful travel companion for 13 000 rubles.

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The Samsung Galaxy S8 will carry the new sensor Sony IMX 333

The camera of the Samsung Galaxy S8 would have exclusive, at least initially, a new photographic sensor of Sony, the IMX 333 .

We could think that with little more than 24 hours left for the official presentation of the Galaxy S8 and its older brother Galaxy S8 Plus, the rumors and leaks would slow down a bit. Nothing is further from reality.

Although we know practically everything about this new pair of smartphones there are details that are still hidden. Until today one of them was the photographic sensor that would have the new model of Samsung, being this important since the Korean company has been leader in this section for a long time, at least among the smartphones with Android.

A new Sony sensor for a new Samsung mobile

The filtration has given us a new model of photographic sensor, the IMX 333 , that to confirm it would be exclusive of this phone since it has not even been presented officially.

It is not known what the characteristics of the same but it has been filtered that will be 12 Mpx and that will have an aperture f / 1.7 that will allow us to make better photos in low light conditions.

This section has always been the weak point of the mobiles although in the S7 and S7 Edge, and to a lesser extent in the S6, the Asian firm gave a punch in the table. The ability of those mobiles to take photos with little or almost no light is incredible.

Video at 1000 fps?

There is also no news about the possible capacity of this device to record to super slow camera, something we have seen in the Sony Xperia XZ Premium and it was rumored that the S8 would also have but that it is very possible that it is possible to stay on the road.

However the photographic section is one of the most interesting to see tomorrow in the presentation because the numbers on paper are fine but do not transmit the full capacity of a camera as you know.

WhatsApp tests states in desktop and web version

A future update of WhatsApp could bring the states to the desktop version and also to WhatsApp web , the browser client platform.

It is clear that what the creators of an application want and what their users want does not always go hand in hand. This is known by WhatsApp fans who saw their beloved states of a phrase disappear to leave room for the new states copied Snapchat that almost nobody asked.

It was such a commotion that in the company they had to go back. At least as far as removing the old state was concerned because the new whether we like it or not. So much so that now the platform is experimenting with bringing that new function to the web version and the applications of Mac and Windows.

The new state will be omnipresent

According to WABetaInfo this function is in the test period, which does not mean that it is sure to arrive, just as we told you recently that WhatsApp was going to allow deleting messages for two minutes after the shipment.

It is possible that the company wants to increase the time of the people inside the application, the way to communicate things, not only the more private, but it does not seem that the states are a success. Obviously this is something different in each person but of the almost 300 contacts with WhatsApp that I have in my account only one, or perhaps two at a given time, have used this new function.

There are more who have been upset because they have changed the position of the contact list, but as you know, whenever there is a change, there are people angry.

Problems in Pokémon GO with its last update

The latest update of the popular game has brought us news but also enough problems. We tell you how to solve it.

Niantic recently released an update on their most famous game, Pokémon GO . In it we had innovations like the new Pokémon Shiny or the event in which we could capture Pokémon of water with more facility.

Along with these novelties are other less pleasant in the form of bugs and bugs that sometimes make it impossible to play comfortably. We tell you what they are and what you can do to solve it.

List of issues of the last update

The radar window sometimes goes blank if we go too fast. It is something that happens in a timely manner but it is a game error.

The animations that are given when spinning a Poképarada or when capturing a Pokémon do not stop so we can not continue the game. We can only exit the application and start the game again.

The game gives a forced closure if in a gym we want to slide on the screen quickly.

And if you have a Pokémon GO Plus bracelet you will have seen that there are problems of synchronization with your mobile, another failure of the update.

How to solve the problems of Pokémon GO

As they are all random we can exit the application and re-enter although it is somewhat tedious.

In order to continue playing without problems it is best to manually install the APK of the previous version that works correctly even if you do not have the news and while we wait for Niantic to launch a corrected revision of this update.

This version is 0.57.4 and we can download the APK from APK Mirror and install it by previously activating the installation from unknown sources. If you know how to do it in this article I explain it to you in a simple way.

Tinder wants you to love the computer thanks to its new website

Tinder is one of those applications that have made mobiles an excellent tool to connect. Now it wants to expand borders with its new web version.

How many lonely hearts have been found thanks to the applications of contacts for mobile ... There are so many that you can find couple in dozens of them, but only one that stands out among all: Tinder . Controversial and so simple that you just have to drag the photo left or right to say if someone likes us. A performance that engages.

Using the Tinder application involves valuing people based on a photo and, sometimes, a description. The style of the interface is tactile, but it is also suitable for the computer : you only have to say yes or no besides chatting when "It's a Match!". Tinder will take advantage of this simplicity to display all his love catalog on the web.

Tinder Online, the web version of the mobile app

The page is already active, but it still does not work for everyone. At the moment Tinder has not given details on how much we will be able to find our average one using the navigator, but it is expected that it does not delay in excess. It also does not involve too much work to adapt the interface: chats on the left side of the screen, photo on the right, buttons just below the image and drag with the mouse . Cupid has it much more difficult.

Searching for a partner via mobile or using the computer, you can choose either. Using the same login and maintaining the Premium services that you have acquired in your account ( Superlikes ). The rest will be like until now: accepting an image or discarding it. And if you both give yes I want you can go to chat after the crush.

Tinder Online is currently being tested in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Italy, Indonesia, Philippines and Sweden. To prove it, always in case you are in the first countries, just go to . Luck!

iOS 10.3 And 10.2.1 JAILBREAK Status Update

iOS 10.3 And 10.2.1 JAILBREAK Status Update

iOS 10.3 and iOS 10.2.1 Jailbreak status update, this is a quick look at the Jailbreak status of iOS 10.3 which has just been released and the iOS 10.2.1 which has been released for quiet some time but there is still no Jailbreak for it.

Free Limited Time Apps And Games - iPhone, iPod, iPad {MAR 27}

For iPhone users, there is no better a news than free apps to download. Well, CydiaPlus is passionate about everything related to Apple products, and therefore, we bring up-to-date info on iPhones, iPods, iPads, iTunes and more. And this list is incomplete without apps gone free! You bet, we keep refreshing this section every day with a number of iPhone apps gone free.

Go ahead and download your favorite iPhone apps. And developers, don’t forget to send your apps.
Make sure to bookmark this page for daily dose of free iPhone app.

Disclaimer: All apps included in this list are free at the time of posting. We’re not responsible for price

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With the Apple Watch 3 you can finally make calls without the iPhone

Although a few days ago Apple overwhelmed us with the launch of a low-cost iPad and iPad Mini 4 , an iPhone 7 (RED) , new models of iPhone SE, 12 new straps for Apple Watch and 6 cases for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus , the reality is that the machinery of the Cupertino does not stop. Waiting for other news including the iPhone 8 or iPhone Edition, we also get good news on the following Apple smartwatch: Apple Watch 3, rumored to integrate a SIM slot and LTE connectivity ,

The leak comes almost as often from the chain of Apple manufacturers and suppliers in Asia such as Broadcom and Qualcomm and suggests that the next edition of Apple Watch will include LTE connectivity, something that repeats every year, but this time seems to sound more force. And it seems that the Apple Watch will include a SIM card and support LTE .

Apple wants next Apple Watch to interact more quickly and smoothly with the company's other gadgets of the apple bite - especially the AirPods - and that is even more essential for its users. Apple Watch 3 is expected to improve hardware, although specifications will be integrated to improve its speed, performance and battery life .

The purpose of these new features is clear: after integrating GPS into the Apple Watch Series 2, Apple Watch is intended to be more independent of the iPhone , so they do not need to have your phone nearby to make phone calls or listen to music. Of course, Apple Watch would have to have its own data rate.

To integrate these functions Apple will have to get down to work to reinforce its battery and the form factor, the main challenges that will face those of Cupertino . And they have already put to it, as it seems that to counteract the effect on energy consumption, will use a low consumption CAT-M1 chip for LTE and implement VOIP technology.

Via | Macrumors

IOS 10.3 is so sure that it is proof of hackers and scammers

During yesterday Apple released iOS 10.3, the largest update to date of the current operating system for iPhone and iPad . As you know, it includes many interesting new features such as Find My AirPods , the revolutionary APFS file system , new settings and more. But if it can somehow qualify iOS 10.3 is safe . And in addition to incorporating the double factor or APFS itself - much more secure than the old iOS file system, in addition to faster - Apple has solved a vulnerability detected in Safari that many scammers were sneaking.

Surely it has happened to you: you are surfing the internet and there is a window in a magical way that we find it difficult to eliminate as it recurs. We talk about those annoying pop-ups that ask us to click on a link or send an SMS . Or even worse, since in some cases they deceive us by saying that we have to pay a fine for committing some illegal action, such as illegal downloads or pornography. Unfortunately this ransomware often fulfilled its purpose.

And in the end we end up despairing with so much pop-up, threat messages or annoying blocks and some users end up giving in to the trap of scam hackers and paying a sum of money as an iTunes gift card. Normally this problem could be solved by deleting the cache and history . But Apple has taken action on the issue to make everything easier.

With iOS 10.3 there will no longer be any locks, threats, popups or scams like so far because it has gotten in with the JavaScript that allowed it. Pop-up will no longer appear in iOS 10.3 anymore by changing the way these windows interact with Safari, since they will now work by tab or window and will never affect the entire app, allowing normal browsing in other windows.

Via | Lookout