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SemiRestore Lite came out for the iOS 10 / iOS 10.2 jailbreak

Popular jailbreak-tool SemiRestore received an update and is now compatible with iOS 10.2 devices. The tool allows users to return the device to the factory settings, erasing all settings and enlargement, but keeping the jailbreak.

The Cydia Eraser tool, formerly called Cydia percutor, works similarly, but completely eliminates the jailbreak of the device, keeping the operating system version. Depending on the desired results and mode of application, SemiRestore is the best choice for many users.

The latest version of the utility was named SemiRestore 10-Lite. Installation of the new version occurs directly on the device, whereas previously the tool worked under Windows or MacOS. This means that the user must download the iOS file on the device and then use the file manager by iFile type to move it to the / usr / bin folder and set it with all the necessary permissions to operate.

It is not very convenient the installation method is designed for advanced users. However, the CoolStar team confirmed that it is ready to launch a full version of the tool, if needed.

9.7 inches iPad (2017) vs iPad 2 Air: is it worth buying the new iPad?

In days Apple introduced the new tablet, which received the name "iPad" and the price list at 25 000 rubles. The device has come to replace the model of iPad Air 2. For the money, the users receive the device worthy with the design of its predecessor and more powerful than the filling. Let's see, what improvements does the novelty offer.

The screen

During the announcement, the manufacturer has not clarified, has received a new anti-reflection device, as in the iPad Air 2. However, later, the company has confirmed that in the iPad is the coverage is non-existent, but the screen is Made it brighter.

The iPad Air 2 tablet is the first device on the line that has received anti-reflection treatment. In the new device the company has taken a step back, is likely to reduce the cost of the device.


But in terms of iPad performance, it omitted that of its predecessor. Here in the hardware base acts 2-core A9 with a clock frequency of 1.85 Ghz and the microcontroller M9. The same chip used in the iPhone SE, the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. In the iPad Air 2 is a 3-core A8X chip with a frequency of 1.5 Ghz and the coprocessor M8.

The amount of ram probably remains the same and will be 2 gb.

Overall, the novelty should be more powerful than the iPad Air 2, which came out again in 2014 and now visibly lags behind in the core technology plan.

The battery

Another difference was the capacity of the battery, even though Apple promises up to 10 hours of autonomy, as in the case of its predecessor. The novelty received the battery at 32.4 watts, while the iPad Air 2 is equipped with a battery at 27.62 watts.
However, the growth of the ability to barely be seen by the user by the use of more screen brightness and a powerful processor. Probably, the battery increased in order to compensate for the increased power consumption.


Perhaps the biggest disappointment in the new iPad is related to the design. The tablet was thicker and heavier than the iPad Air 2.

If the predecessor locked in the body of a thickness of 6.1 mm and a weight of 437 grams, the iPad is characterized by a thickness of 7.5 mm and a weight of 467 grams. The thickness of the casing has increased by about 20%, which means that the accessories made for the iPad Air 2, is not suitable for a new tablet.

Retaining the old antenna design for inserts in the version with support for LTE. Sad to see that Apple moves in the opposite direction from the design point of view. But, apparently, an agreement was needed to put in an enlarged battery and reduce the price.

The price

The main advantage of the novelty is the price list available. If the iPad Air 2 at retail available for 29 990 rubles, then the price of the iPad comes with a mark of 24 990 for the version with Wi-Fi and internal memory of 32 gb. The option with the same volume of memory and support for cellular networks can be purchased for 31 990 rubles. By reducing prices Apple expects to attract more customers, outperform the competition and increase its market share.


The new iPad is not radical to the company's online update, however, it allows owners of old tablet models to upgrade the gadget at an affordable price. The device is not without drawbacks, among which the lack of anti-glare coating and thick body, however, are compensated by the affordable price tag.

According to rumors, Apple is also working on a 10.5-inch model and other new features to be introduced in the year 2018.

Install PAID & HACKED Apps/Games for FREE (NO JAILBREAK)

Install PAID & HACKED Apps/Games for FREE (NO JAILBREAK) 

How To Install PAID & HACKED Apps/Games for FREE & Tweaked Apps ++ (NO JAILBREAK) - iOS 10/9 (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) 2017

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Apple finishes bouncing the 16 Gb of storage on their devices

The storage problems of Apple devices have been a scourge that the company has dragged for a long time, too. We all know perfectly well how their own stupidity made them abandon the possibility of increasing their capacity through microSD cards while their competition maintained that characteristic, and also took advantage to mock this lack of iOS so many headaches to raised its users .

Finally, after ten years of waiting, we have seen how the 16 Gb disappeared as a basic option of all available iPhone and iPad with the removal of the iPhone 16 Gb SE. Although that yes, we can assure you that they have not done so precisely After having listened to users, they had simply lagged behind other options such as the Samsung Galaxy S7, whose "basic" version offers a capacity of 32 Gb.

Apple File System and the running of the 16 Gb internal storage

This capability has long been responsible for slowdowns in the phones and tablets of thousands of people around the world, who saw their device informally of little available storage. Now, we can leave behind these problems not only thanks to the increase of capacity, but also, the best use of this with the change to the APFS format.

Thanks to the APFS system, which will replace the now obsolete HFS + in the next update of iOS 10.3, we will be able to experience really remarkable performance improvements , and a better optimization of the available space, which together with the arrival of iOS 11 and its restriction of the applications to 64-bit, will fulfill the wishes of all those users who need to recover the performance of the first day. The point is, as I said before, we've waited for this moment for ten years, but I think the improvements will be worth it.

And you, have you also suffered the annoying warnings of limited space?

The wireless load and a screen capable of modifying its relief, protagonists of a new set of patents

Seeing the future of technology through patents is always something really interesting, especially when you take a look at the ones that will really be carried out and you get the surprise in one of the presentations of the companies responsible. Some of the brightest ideas are waiting in one of its purest ways for its creator to decide to turn them into something material, and in these Apple patents that have just been published, we could see one of the company's next products in its Project to bring the wireless load to their devices.

This time, as I said, we find two really important patents, regarding the design of the iPhone and what it could mean for them in the future. First, we have an inductive wireless charging base, which would ultimately confirm that the company is working on this type of system; The other patent, shows us how the next screens of their devices could be, which would incorporate a new technology of "dynamic relief".

Induction charge and a screen capable of transmitting sensations

As we can see in the image above, as for the dynamic relief screen, we would find a system capable of changing the texture of the screen itself in order to provide different sensations to the user in situations such as the activation of menus Contextual In this way, developers would be able to create sensory experiences by modifying the relief of the screen at will.

In the case of wireless charging, we can see a base really similar to the existing ones in the different standards available for this technology. Being an inductive charging system, we would have to keep the iPhone above the base while charging , however, personally I think Apple will be able to give a twist to this concept, showing us something perhaps more appropriate to their style.

As you can see, Apple is still working to mark the path of technological evolution with its own innovations. And I think we can expect a lot more from them in the next few years.

What do these patents look like to you? Do you already use wireless charging systems?

Source | Patently Apple

Apple faces iCloud hackers refusing to extortion

Yesterday was quite movidito as far as terrorism. To the sad London bombing we must add technological terrorism. And is that a Turkish hacker attack panicked during the day yesterday among iCloud users by ensuring that they could access more than 600 million iCloud accounts . Well, Apple just pronounced on the subject by standing up to the terrorists.

But eye, it is not that Apple denies that there is a security problem, no, what is. Those of Cupertino point directly to the third party app , ensuring that if something happens is up to you. According to a spokesperson:


In this way, Apple denies the biggest to the "Turkish Crime Family" technology terrorists, who try to extort the bite apple company thanks to this huge amount of theoretically vulnerable iCloud accounts.

As in the movies, the terrorists have even set a deadline: if Apple pays $ 150,000 in Bitcoin or Ethereum virtual currency, they will remove the cache data . Otherwise, they will increase both the amount they ask for and the number of accounts to hack.

In fact the number of potentially hackable accounts has been increasing with the hours. What started with 300 million accounts for, and email addresses, has gone up to 627 million, more than double! According to the extortionists, at least 220 million credentials are very weak since they do not have the double authentication factor activated. If this threat is confirmed, we would be facing the biggest cyber attack ever perpetrated .

Although Apple throws the ball to another roof, they are the first ones that does not interest that any hackers get access to the accounts of its users and are sure to be taking measures to stop it. Technology security in these times is providential , but while Apple or the authorities take action, we are the first to protect ourselves.

That this threat serves as a warning to mariners, in case someone has not yet activated Apple's security option of double-factor authentication . Likewise, it is also advisable that periodically we change our passwords with strong alphanumeric combinations and that of course, they are not all the same.

Via | Macrumors

Beware, do not believe the last hoax in WhatsApp!

When only a few days ago we gave you some tips not to be hacked on your iPhone or your WhatsApp , thanks to an iPadizate companion, we have discovered a bulo by WhatsApp that offers "free Internet without Wi-Fi . " You just have to be a little clever to realize that this is not real.

Unfortunately, we do not know that there is behind that bulo, we prefer to prevent that cure. And for that very reason we want to warn you, as our reader, that you do not believe everything that is sent to you by WhatsApp , much less prick in everything that looks so wonderful, because it probably has its dark side.

Not all that glitters is gold

Maybe, as happened to our partner, you do exactly the same. You are quietly chatting with someone on WhatsApp and suddenly "PUM!" , Some clever or list has fallen into the hoot of believing that someone is going to give away internet without more and has resubmitted the link that supposedly activates this.

Lie! No one is going to give you free internet , much less a link, than to know where it comes from and who has it behind, just by forwarding it to X number of conversations.

What exactly is the hoot?

Let's explain step by step how this hoarse that circulates through WhatsApp. First, you will receive a message like this : You can activate Internet Without Wifi with WhatsApp Free , and by means of invitations, here is an invitation! Do you note how the message is intended to make us feel "important" by including the term "invitation"? Never believe such a message, and less if you suspect.

Did you make the mistake of clicking on the link? In it will open a web page that will tell you that to activate the service you must send that message up to 13 contacts . It even gives you the button to do it and a countdown. Do not even think about sharing it , you've already fallen, do not be bad and let others fall into temptation.

And to finish, and worse, the typical cheat-boobies making the user believe through comments from supposed users that the trap is real . This is so typical and false that no one should believe in it, but there are still those who do.

Be warned, do not believe this hoax that circulates these days for WhatsApp , nor any who resemble it. You may regret it at some point. And now, share this among your family and friends so that no one falls into the trap

Apple has purchased Workflow, the iOS Process Automation app

Apple has purchased the popular iOS Workflow application, which allows users to combine the functions of multiple applications together to automate complex processes.

According to TechCrunch, Apple has reached an agreement, but the financial details have not been revealed.

In a press release, Workflow developer Ari Weinstein said that the team is excited to join Apple and wanted to highlight the amazing adventure they have experienced since launching their application.

"We've worked hand-in-hand with Apple from the beginning, before starting the project and with students attending WWDC in the process of developing and launching Workflow and seeing the amazing success in the App Store. I can not wait to take our work to the next level with Apple and contribute in products that reach all the people around the world. "

For its part, Apple has confirmed the acquisition. The company mentioned that the use of Workflow in iOS offers accessibility features that really make the application stand out among other services.

In 2015, Workflow won the Apple Design Award, something Apple praised after the purchase of the developer company:

"The Workflow application was selected for the Apple Design Award in 2015 for its outstanding use of iOS accessibility features, notably a stunning implementation of VoiceOver with qualified elements, making the application quickly accessible to all those suffering from blindness Or problems in their vision. "

As a result of this acquisition by Apple, the app is now completely free on the iOS App Store. Take advantage and download now!

 Workflow: Powerful Automation Made Simple
Workflow: Powerful Automation Made Simple

The Workflow application for iPhone and iPad is based on the idea of ​​transforming a process that usually takes a couple of interactions in iOS in a single tap. The goal is to hide a series of complex commands in a simple movement of our finger .

Via | 9to5mac

New benchmark and new surprise: The iPhone 7 Plus is no longer the best phone in the world

Since a few years ago a war is taking place that is increasingly meaningless, the one that faces Samsung with Apple. And is that after the latest failures of Koreans and the rise of brands like Huawei, Xiaomi or Oneplus, Android users have seen their options increasing as prices became increasingly competitive .

In any case, the quality does not stop having a price and the facts we refer: the premium ranges of any of these brands already exceed five hundred euros, that yes, without the support that offers Apple nor the stability, security, fluidity and homogeneity Of the iOS environment .

But Samsung has returned and promises to give more war than ever with its Samsung Galaxy S8 . A bigger screen than ever with almost no edges, no jack connection - let's not fool ourselves, Samsung always has Apple in its inspirational spotlight - better audio, pressure sensitive screen ... a long list that has hyped users Android .

But it also promises to be much faster and more powerful, in fact according to the latest benchmarks, the Samsung Galaxy S8 could be in the top of the ranking to overtake neither more nor less than the Apple iPhone 7 Plus . According to AnTuTu, the Samsung Galaxy S8 would get 205,248 points for the 181.807 points of the iPhone 7 Plus, a real beating.

The benchmarks are a test of raw power that serve to give us an idea of ​​how powerful a smartphone is in front of several applications running at the same time. Although we have always taken these data with tweezers, because there are other factors that could act as a bottleneck, without a doubt this is a very promising note.

And is that until now the iPhone 7 Plus and the iPhone were the undisputed kings of this list in which other brands were accused of falsifying their results . However, it is important to take two facts into account: the first is that Apple manufactures hardware and software, which makes it optimize its resources to the maximum in daily use despite having a priori component with inferior. And the second, that the iPhone 7 is a 2016 model and the Galaxy S8 has not yet been released.

Because the real battle between Samsung and Apple will take place when they both launch their smartphones planned for 2017, that is when the Samsung Galaxy S8 is in the market and the iPhone 8 or iPhone Edition as well . And here if we have no doubt about what the absolute winner will be.

Via | NewsPhone