The first information about iPod touch 7G: Touch ID scanner, new sensors, support for the Apple Watch

Apple leads the development of an iPod touch of the seventh generation, which will provide customers with a set of new sensors and support "smart" watch Apple Watch. The company authorized the application for the mark, thanks to have known some details about your device.

The certificate on the new iPod touch Classes 10 and 44, which relate to the health and welfare of specified hardware. Apparently, the iPod touch will be a series of 7G new sensors, related to the implementation of "Health". Compliance Classes 11 and 12 indicates the interaction of a gadget with the application of the "House" of its iOS operating system and automotive 10 of the carplay platform.

Certification under class 14, means that the iPod touch the next generation will be to maintain the connection of Apple Watch. At this time, the iPhone is the only device that can create a pair of "smart" watch Apple. Class 36 related to financial activities, which refers to Apple Pay. Therefore, in the touch screen walkman with the NFC module and a fingerprint scanner Touch ID required for the payment transaction Apple should appear.

In recent years, iPod sales decline steadily - in 2014, when Apple still published separately плеерам statistics, quarterly sales volume of these devices was "only" 2.6 million copies. With market players move the iPhone, not less comfortable to listen to music. The latest version of iPod touch is based on Apple A8 processor, equipped with 1GB of RAM, and is available in six colors.

There is a possibility that the iPod touch 7G will be presented along with the flagship smartphone iPhone Apple 7. Official comments in this regard, as is clear, expect not fall.
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