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Thursday, 29 September 2016

Installing WhatsApp on iPad without Jailbreak

The application of WhatsApp is one of the most popular among smartphone users to send instant messages, photos, videos ... However, although in recent times has been updated the application to include new features is not yet available for iPad.

While some of its competitors as Telegram has its own version for tablet computer and smartphone addition, WhatsApp still are available only for smartphones. Meanwhile, WhatsApp only has a Web version, which can be used to enjoy the courier from the computer and also from the iPad.

Then you count the steps you need to follow to use WhatsApp on iPad without having to jailbreak the device. So we do not entertain us and we will do so.

Get have WhatsApp on your iPad without doing the Jailbreak

If you want to use WhatsApp Web on your iPad you have two ways to achieve this. On the one hand, you can get it through Safari, or if you prefer through an unofficial app that you can get in the App Store.

from Safari

  • Open Safari on your iPad and enter the page . When you load the page you will see that gets you WhatsApp Web interface and instead takes you to the main page of WhatsApp.
  • Click on the URL and slides down to access the "box" which unfolds right under writing a web version. You must click on an option that says "Load desktop version."

  • Page load again and show WhatsApp Web interface with the QR code you have to capture with your iPhone. To do this you must go to the settings app, click on WhatsApp Web and scan the code so that both devices are paired.
  • Done! The page should load and display all your recent posts, along with any messages with multimedia content or voice notes that you send.
Of course, this version has some other limitations. For example will not send voice notes, because the browser is not officially supported by WhatsApp. Another limitation is notifications, so you will not receive notice if you get a message or not.

Using an unofficial app

WhatsApp limitations in Safari Web has led some developers see reef to create applications that allow use this service on the iPad. Thus, currently you can be found in the App Store several applications that let you load WhatsApp Web.

WhatsApp installed on your iPad without Jailbreak

If you want to have the official application WhatsApp installed on your iPad no need to worry, because following these steps can get. To do this, you need more than iTunes, so we recommend downloading to your computer iFunBox .

  • Open iTunes and download WhatsApp to get the .ipa file this application.
  • Go to the folder Multimedia (Media) iTunes.
  • Locate the file called WhatsApp and copy it to the desktop.
  • Connect your iPad and open iFunBox.

  • Click "iFunBox Classic" and select "Install App". Then select the file you copied before WhatsApp on your desktop.
  • Wait for iFunBox do its job. Once finished can disconnect the iPad. You will see that WhatsApp icon already appears on the main screen of your tablet, but do not open the app until you finish activation, you need to have an iPhone.
  • If the iPhone is not yours and have WhatsApp installed deletes the app and re-download it . Active service with the phone number you will use on the iPad.

  • Connect iPhone to your computer and open iFunBox. Select "iFunBox Classic" on the left sidebar and click on the user's applications.
  • Click on WhatsApp, then select the folder Documents (Documents) and Library (Library). Click the "Copy to PC" option and save the selected on the desktop to have them handy folders.
  • Disconnect your iPhone and iPad now connects. Go to "iFunBox Classic" and select WhatsApp on the list of user applications. Copy the two folders you had on your desktop and paste them into the folder WhatsApp on iFunBox.
Ready! You can now disconnect the iPad and now WhatsApp should be activated and ready for use on your tablet.

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