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Friday, 18 November 2016

A Serious Security Bug Lets View Photos of a Locked iPhone

Some hackers have discovered a new method to unlock the photos, contacts, and messages on any iPhone thanks to a serious security flaw that uses Siri and VoiceOver .

All Apple devices are vulnerable to this new and dangerous bug. At least those running iOS 8 or later.

The hack has finally been revealed by EverythingApplePro in a video course will attach in this article. You want to know how to prevent to protect you from this dangerous security flaw? Would you like to know how they have done to gain access to the photos?

How they have managed to hack iOS through a security breach

It does not require any coding experience or be an advanced hacker to get "exploit the bug" and hack the system to access photos and messages from a locked iPhone.

All that is needed is the victim's iPhone, even if it is locked. Here's how you get:

First you have to make a call to the iPhone, the phone number you could find out by asking Siri "who I am". Then the message icon is pressed on the victim's iPhone to send a personalized message.

Then, Siri is activated to enable VoiceOver. The next thing is to press twice on the text field at the top and hold down there while pressing on the keyboard (see video).

After disable VoiceOver is possible to access all contacts (even see the talks) and add images of photo albums of the iPhone, which is still blocked. It's scary, right?

How to prevent this iOS bug

Fortunately, you can protect your iPhone / iPad from this serious security flaw via Settings> Touch ID and code option and unchecking the Siri Settings> Siri unchecking Lock Screen.

Chances are that Apple will rush to solve this serious bug in the new version IOS 10.2 which, incidentally; It will include more emojis, new iMessage background effects, voting on Apple Music, iPhone 7 wallpapers, SOS functionality, a Video Widget and more.

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