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Friday, 13 January 2017

Get the soldier in you with these games for iPhone and iPad

It is difficult to find a good game with which to vent . With which to get rid of a part of all that accumulated stress of the day to day, that burns us to the entrails. And sometimes, the quickest way to do it is to release the anger inside us with a good game of shots.

Today, in iPadizate, we bring you a selection of four free games that will undoubtedly give free rein to the shooter that you carry inside with your game mechanics. Prepare for war, soldier.

Critical Ops

Discover the levels of precision needed to carry out the most complex tactical operations in this complete first-person shooter where you will experience firsthand the fight against the modern terrorist threat.

Counter Attack Team 3D Shooter

Do you like Counter Strike? Then take a look at what is being considered as one of the best shooters for iPad and iPhone , Counter Attack. This game, it could be said that it is based on the famous computer game, and I am sure that, if you spent hours to Counter Strike, you will put hours to this.

Bullet Party 2

Enter a battlefield where the truce does not exist. Discover a frantic game, which will not give you a single second of rest in any of the multiplayer games you will cast as soon as you download it.

Critical Missions: SWAT

SWATs are known to be one of the most effective security forces in the world . In this game, you'll take a look at the world these highly trained agents face each day. What are you waiting for to discover it firsthand?

All these games are able to offer you a really entertaining experience for those moments in which you would like to release a little stress, and the truth is that it costs to choose between the four so ... Why not download them all? After all, they are free, and do not hesitate to discover here also the best alternatives to Super Mario Run .

1 comment:

  1. Oh yeah, you said right, sometimes I just want to take the AWP and shoot in my boss after the deadline project, and sometimes even before that!
    Maybe I should proposal him to fight in CS GO? It will be an excellent anti-stress)
    It will be necessary before this game to buy a few of csgoskins and show who is really the main one!


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