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Thursday, 1 June 2017

How to install Airshou on your iPhone with iOS 10 (without Jailbreak)

AirShou is an application used to record the screen of your device

With AirShou we can record the screen and use our voice to be heard in the background

The functions offered are as simple as activating a function from the control center

Learn how you can install it , without Jailbreak , from your PC

It should be noted that the application certificate lasts only seven days

It will install an IPA version and if it has the tweak (in case of having Jailbreak) Ext3nder can be configured the automatic signature of the certificate (requires the ipa link for direct download)

How to install the AirShou IPA on your iPhone without Jailbreak?

  • You need to download the Cydia Impactor application from HERE
  • Download the AirShou application (IPA) HERE
  • Unzip Cydia Impactor files into a new, easily accessible folder
  • Connect your iPhone, iPod or iPad to the PC with the USB cable
  • Run Cydia Impactor as Administrator
  • Slide the IPA downloaded from AirShou to the Cydia Impactor window (If it does not work, you can select the "Device" option and then "Install Package", choose the AirShou IPA for later installation)
  • Enter your Apple iD and Password
  • Once installed, Go to the Settings app on your iPhone
  • Navigate to "General" and "Profile / Device Management"
  • Choose the Apple iD you entered earlier in step 7
  • Trust the developer

How long can I use the AirShou application?

AirShou holds a seven-day certificate (one week), once completed, you must reinstall the application
The AirShou application is up to date

In this case, AirShou is in the xxx version, when the ipa is updated, the post will be updated or written about that update if necessary

Differences between AirShou vs alternatives

If we have Jailbreak, we can use a Cydia Tweak called CCRecord (it has a price of $ 0.99) that works similarly, just slide the control center and start recording from the new control center icon

If we have PC we can use some programs to record the screen but in this case the majority are programs of payment.

If we do not have Jailbreak, and / or look for an accessible tool (grade), you can use AirShou as an alternative. Simply access the application to place the mode in which we will record and a name for the video. The recording will begin when we start it from the control center in the section of AirMirror and will end when we indicate it.

The videos can be exported to the reel so you can share them if you want ...

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